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Living Loz

19 December 1983

Important Note

I would never, ever knowingly repost/crosspost a comment to either Facebook or Twitter --- and hopefully I've disabled the ability to do so in this journal.

I would prefer it if you didn't repost/crosspost any comments made to my personal journal without my permission, thank you.

Who I Am

Hi! I'm Loz. I was born in Britain and moved to Australia when I was 10. I love writing, watching films and tv, singing and other lazy but ultimately amusing endeavours. I'm a primary (elementary) school teacher.

What I Post About

This journal occasionally contains content of an adult nature.

I post about fandom, my life, other things that interest me and all in between. I post frequently - sometimes upwards of three times a day. I post fan fiction and icons to my journal, but I do know how to use the LJ cut tag.

Friending Policy

If we have something in common, feel free to add me. At this stage, I have a full friends list, so I'll probably spend some time getting to know you before I friend you back. If you're the type of person who uses Livejournal as a reading list, that's fine by me.

Other Things of Note

If an icon doesn't have another name credited, I made it. Please don't use my icons without asking me first.

Thank you to thefulcrum for the layout stylesheet.

1973, adam hills, alexis denisof, angel the series, animation, archie kennedy, armed bastards, band of brothers, barenaked ladies, battlestar galactica, beatles, belting out a tune, bernard black, billy west, black books, blackadder, books, british actors, british comedy, buffy the vampire slayer, burton guster, callum keith rennie, calvin and hobbes, canada, canadian tv, captain pellew, carlton lassiter, cats, charles dickens, cheese, cillian murphy, cinema, classic literature, classics, corner gas, creepy test card girl, danger mouse, daniel deronda, david marciano, disney, doctor who, drabbles, due south, dvds, dylan moran, ewan mcgregor, fan fiction, fawlty towers, flingel glorb glorbamagloob, futurama, gay-boy science, gene hunt, gene/the missus, having 'oops, hetty wainthropp investigates, hobbs, horatio hornblower, hornblower, hugh bonneville, hugh laurie, iconitis, icons, internet, ioan gruffudd, jake gyllenhaal, jamie bamber, jason isaacs, jazz, jens lekman, john lennon, john simm, johnny depp, jude law, juliet o'hara, karen vick, kids in the hall, life on mars, midsomer murders, miles davis, mythbusters, norah jones, paradise lost, paul bettany, paul gross, paul mcgann, percy weasley, peter serafinowicz, philip glenister, photography, poirot, psych, queen, rambling, reading, real/unreal, remus lupin, rolling stones, rufus wainwright, sam tyler, sam/mobile phone, sammy-boy, sandra oh, science fiction, scrubs, shakespeare, sharpe, shaun of the dead, shawn spencer, simon pegg, singing along loudly, sleeping, slings and arrows, star trek, star wars, stephen fry, the beatles, the gene genie, the simpsons, the sims, twitch city, velvet goldmine, watching movies, wayne brady, wesley wyndam-pryce, wilby wonderful, writing, zombies