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Slight worryingness continues...

I lied in my previous post. A link to the interview I am discussing.

[He's talking about the ending of LoM US]

And I said, "Guys, it's not about throwing something at you that you cannot possibly imagine." That's not good drama. I can do that. Everyone can do that. I can get to the end of a Doctor Who episode and say, "Guess what? Amy's a cyberman." And it's a surprise, because you wouldn't have guessed it. But the reason you wouldn't have guessed it was that it was irrational and stupid.

Words can't actually express how much I love and adore Matt for this. They can't. I just --- yes, Matt. That's it exactly.

The thing is, I am pretty sure this is something he's been learning these past few years and it cheers my soul. One of the reasons Matthew has always annoyed me as a writer is that he can sometimes concentrate so much on the big timpani banging moment he forgets about the emotional and the logistical rationality of it all. That's one of the many reasons LoM UK 2.08 was a let-down. (Graveyard scene. I wish Matthew could have read himself saying this before writing that fucking graveyard scene.)

But here --- here it's obvious he's seeing that, now. Just as it was obvious with the ending to A2A. And it's hard for me not to unreservedly love him for that, because he's grown as a writer right before my eyes. ♥ Gigantic pink hearts, in short. Gigantic pink hearts.

(And if Matthew, someone who was already remarkably talented, can get better --- so can I.)

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