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Living Loz
This post is longer than it ought to be... 
22nd-May-2011 09:48 am
Life on Mars (Test Card Girl)
Doctor Who 6.05 and Confidential

Doctor Who two-parters have notoriously great first episodes and second ones that end up being huge let downs, so maybe I should wait until next week until reacting, but fuck it, it's Matthew, and I've never made a secret of my affection (or frustration.)


Maaaarsh! Has he been typecast, d'you reckon? He does play clueless so very well, but it would be nice to see him contend with genius. Is he the poor shmuck who dies, fuelling the heroes onto justice, or is he the plucky, adorable one who somehow makes it through?

HAHAHAHA. DEATH. But somehow I don't think that's it. They none of them care.

"Had an accident in the workplace? Yeah. I have as it goes. Melted." :D :D :D Matt's one liners.

One of the darkest openings for a Who episode in Eleven's era? One of the darkest openings for a Who episode in Eleven's era!

Writer credit! \o/

Is this the first time Muse has made it into an episode and not just the Confidential?

"Behold! A cockerel! Love a cockerel." = Matt's method of writing Eleven is still finding its feet?

I would have followed up the Dusty Springfield conversation with, "I went to see her perform, 1964. She sang Bacharach, she was enthralling. Funny coincidence, actually, she gave me this bow-tie."


There really hasn't been enough creepy gurgling in Who of late. I approve, sound effects people.

"Even down to the hairs on its chinny chin chin." :D :D :D

"Well, I can see why you keep it in a church. Miracle of life." Ooh Frankenstein!

"I've got to get to that cockerel before all hell breaks loose. I never thought I'd have to say that again." = :D :D :D THE COCKEREL PAYS OFF!


"I couldn't get out of my harness. I thought I was going to die."/"Welcome to my world." LMFAO. MATTHEW GRAHAM, A WINNER IS YOU! By the way, he linked to the "OMG they killed Rory!" Doctor Who/South Park artwork yesterday. Yes, he is fabulous sometimes.

Who wants to bet that these are the Gangers?

The Doctor's being a bit of an arsehole.

Rory is the most adorable.

Wow, that was an OLD-SCHOOL effect there. Super old-school. And with the music too? I could have been watching something from the early 60s. ... I approve.

HAHAHA. WHAT THE FUCK? Not quite sure why that had to be a head-snakey thing there. Other than a Harry Potter allusion.

Okay, I was half-right.

Oh! Poor Ganger-Jen.

Rory continues to be the pretty one.

HAHAHA. Sticking with the old-school. I like it.

Who wants to bet that guy's cold is an important plot-point?

... wasn't the Doctor just saying they're not evil, just confused?

*raucous clapping* Matt is doing a great job with the Amy/Rory this episode. Rory's pause and sigh!

Heads turning 180 degrees is always a good creep-enhancer. Bravo.

I am getting serious Farnsworth Parabox vibes (and I know Matt loves Futurama, because he once made an excellent head-in-jars joke.) DO WE GET PERFECTLY SYMMETRICAL VIOLENCE AT SOME POINT?

Very wide feet :D

"That's it, Doctor. Befriend them. Team up with them why don't you? Make a football team, how about that? You're gonna have us all together singing campfire songs." :D :D :D



Hmm. Not exactly the most logical of progressions, Matthew, my darling. The Doctor was telling Cleaves to stop, so, a) why would the Gangers go after him, Rory and Amy, and b) why would he and Amy stay with Cleaves? You're muddling your morals a little bit, just like you always do.

"And it's about to get even more insanerer... is that a word?" :D

THAT EPISODE WAS PRETTY GREAT IN LOTS OF WAYS, GUYS. I AM SO PROUD OF MY BOY, YOU HAVE NO IDEA! This was, like, nine hundred times bettter than "Fear Her". I mean --- he managed actual full-tilt sci-fi, with those sci-fi elements making perfect sense, and sure, none of them were original ideas, but they worked. Now, let's hope part two can maintain the awesomisity.

Confidential time!

The cast and crew are all so cute!

Poor actors, in the cold. How hard your lives must be!

I love Arthur a lot.

Marsh and Mark! HEEEE!

I can't tell, guys, was it really cold?!


Hey, Matt, ever think about writing something based on a place you knew existed?! You arse! I love how he almost sounds proud that he was being a pain in the neck. Hahahaha!

The miracle of television!

Ahah! Acknowledged Frankenstein allusion. I like it.

Since we've just seen the episode, we don't really need the themes explored, do we?! Everything they just said was self-evident in the show.

That shirt is hideous.

I love this song more than is reasonable. Happy now!

Hmm. So the thing that confuses me is this: if you didn't want it to make it seem like the Gangers were evil beings that suddenly decided they wanted liberation, why was Ganger!Cleaves all "we have the advantage! [Mwaaahahahaha!]"? (That scene was too early on, it was odd.)

The main thing I am getting from this Confidential is that Matthew is a gigantic fucking pain in the neck. OH, MATTHEW!

Hmm, why not simply rely more on shot/reverse-shot?!

Okay, I see now. That was a very cool section of that scene. (Still, when it comes to dialogue between doubles --- shot/reverse-shot.)


He mentioned Marsh. ♥

Marsh and Raki are freaking adorable.

OH, OH! Yes :D Marsh should get to be the 'Day in the Life'. This pleases me so intensely. He is such a sweetheart. I didn't think he was actually in the episode enough, so this is great.

"It's dinner time! One of me favourite times of the day." :D

Mark is fantastic too!


I disagree that it's about physical attraction on Rory's part, and I think Arthur's in my line of thinking too.

This discussion is interesting, and it's kind of amazing how sexist it is, from absolutely everyone. Dear people involved in Doctor Who, being 'a man' has nothing to do with a) saving the damsel in distress, b) being needed by a woman, c) being assertive. Similarly, being a woman doesn't mean you should a) automatically always need a man, b) always be vulnerable and submissive. You all fail in major, major ways, which is a great big fucking shame. (It may not have made it into the cut, but I am a little pleased Matthew didn't say anything super annoyingly sexist at this point. I take my consolation where I can.)

Hmmm. That Confidential had good moments and bad. I would have liked to learn more about the make-up and use of CGI, but I imagine we'll get that next week.

And there concludes my slightly worrying MG fangirling. FOR NOW.

(Deleted comment)
22nd-May-2011 12:18 pm (UTC)
Marsh was wonderful! Even when he was being horribly sexist :D He's just so gosh darn sweet I can't help but adore him.

This is one of the biggest problems I have with many, many TV shows/films/media of most kinds.

Yes, me too. It's one of the many indicators that feminism is not yet an outdated necessity. If anything, in so many ways, it seems to be getting worse. Ugh.
5th-Jun-2011 04:15 pm (UTC)
That's one of the things that, so far, I'm really REALLY wanting Pond to subvert. In one major way, she has -- clearly and unambiguously choosing Rory over her Doctor. I was so happy they did that, because truly, Amy/Rory OTP4EVAR, and it strengthens all three of them loads, as characters.

But I've been kind of annoyed a bit with Amy, because I wanted so much for her. I know she can be awesome, I sense that she can be awesome, but she's been way too MPDG for my taste. And the hidden depths of awesome in her are what are frustrating, because I really, really want her to stand a bunch of the tried-and-true sexist notions of the Companion on their head. I wouldn't go so far as to say I expect it, but I want it so badly I can taste it.

That's what made Donna so magical for me. She wasn't at all who you'd expect, and she certainly wasn't in love with her Doctor. While there are things I like about all the new Who companions so far, she's absolutely been my favourite. She was the foil Ten so badly needed. I get the sense Amy could be that to Eleven, which would be AWESOME...if it was only written that way. No, not saying I want a redux of the Donna/Doctor relationship...but you know what I mean.
23rd-May-2011 11:15 pm (UTC)
Did the use of the word "poncy" give you an immediate LoM "tingle?" I just felt like Matthew was sort of waving at the Gene Hunt fans there. Or maybe it's just may, which it may well. (Appropos of nothing, I happened to see the LoM finale from the scene with Sam and Morgan in the car in the rain all the way to end and it just re-ignited my love for shows and characters.)

I felt SO BAD for the actors freezing out there, but I was also like OMG-CARDIFF CASTLE...I was just there!!!! Squeeeeee!!!!!
24th-May-2011 11:54 am (UTC)
Yeah, I am positive that Matt was all "SEE WHAT I DID THERE?" with the lighting and 'poncy'. I do so adore him.

(Ugh. Final LoM episode. Bad taste in my mouth. :p)
25th-May-2011 12:01 am (UTC)
I knew I shouldn't have brought that up. Sorry. Probably the world's biggest YMMV.
5th-Jun-2011 04:09 pm (UTC)
That single word from Marsh made me chuckle mightily. Enjoyed his whole bit, but LOVED that one moment. >3
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