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It's just the thought of you in love with someone else...

I'm going to a production of the Wizard of Oz tonight as little brother Nicholas, who forgot his LJ password and has the attention span of a particulary excitable gnat, is doing the sound effects.

I actually dislike the songs to the Wizard of Oz with a passion, but I know how important it is to have perceived support from your family and friends (actually, Nick, like me, has few friends) and I'm the sort of person who'll give anything a go once at least. Plus, he's my brother and I love him so.

I watched another part of Pride and Prejudice earlier. The part with the infamous wet shirt scene. The more I see that the less I swoon, but the more I giggle. I am a hopeless romantic with no-one to romance. Watch out boys.

Still have to complete that essay.

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