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Read the crazed fans...

If you're very brave and feel like seeing something amusing, read the comments for the "New Layout" post. (Click here if Lazy)

thethirdman and sansenmage amuse me.

Courtesy of sansenmage, I felt the need to post this for posterity.

She's into Hornblower
Cuz she's hot for Jamie Bamber
She's into Harry Potter
For Snape and Sirius Black
That girl's gonna get fangirl attacks
For sailors, wizards, and aliens
Salivating and ogling them all night
She's got so many addictions
And drool buckets in her kitchen

She'll make you watch naked Archie and Sharpe
Go dancing in the rain
She'll make you watch her crazy life
Or she'll drive you insane
With Quidditch on the brain

Upside inside out
She's living la Vida Loz
She'll push and pull you down
She's living la Vida Loz

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