Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

Looking Sharpe...

Yes, I have been watching another exciting and enjoyable "episode" of Sharpe. Now that I've seen two of them, Sharpe is making more sense. I rather think I preferred Sharpe's Rifles to Sharpe's Eagle, but I suppose that's one of those things that will be borne out in time. The development of the plot has become like an old friend where I can say "oh, somethings going to happen now" and it does. Especially when anticipating Sharpe's much needed snog.

I have to say I find myself liking the character of Richard Sharpe even more. Granted, my appraisal of his character is no doubt benefitted by my appraisal of his beautiful eyes and chiselled features. I think its quite alright for me to be honest about it (let's face it, you would have assumed that anyway). Still, I do like him, and that's rather important in this sort of narrative.

I also confess to having watched three entire installments of that delightful 1995 Pride and Prejudice mini-series, giggling the whole while. Despite the fact I have seen the whole thing at least twelve times, and some parts even more than this, it never fails to amuse me. Oh Fitzwilliam Darcy, if only you knew how many fangirls swoon over you!

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