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Go out in the midday sun...

I've decided for myself that in order to fully enjoy (or enjoy at all) the Mad Dogs experience, I'm going to cap and caption, like I did back in the day with State of Play and Clocking Off. So expect that in the future.

As for now ---

a) I think I already know too much about it and so any and all shock factor and suspense is currently nada. Not a fault of the show itself, but the publicity culture of "you're getting exactly what it says on the tin." Sometimes I like to take the labels off several of my cans and reopen them months later, excited by the mystery. Sue me.
b) There's nowhere near enough Simm + Glenister interaction, even though, to be fair, they've probably had the most actual interaction barring Alvo's tedious interrogations and monologuing. So, er, really they've had a lot of lovely interaction and I've enjoyed every moment they've so much as glanced one another's way. (The morning "take/have" snark from both sides was particularly lovely.) Actually, despite all the man-hugging going on, these two characters are the only ones who seem to properly be friends. I would very much like their being separate from the others together to continue.
c) The one thing that is surprising to me is how boring this first episode was, given this cast and subject matter.
d) The atmosphere was nicely done.
e) It's beautifully shot. Brilliantly put together.
f) It's not actively bad. It has the ability to get actively good. But at the moment it's just not very active anything. I AM FICKLE AND HAVE A SHORT CONCENTRATION SPAN, SORRY!
g) There were four lines I particularly liked. 1. The Freud joke. 2. "Goodbye, goat." 3. The aforementioned English usage snark. 4. "Would you like me to massage some suncream into your [knots/nuts]?" (ambiguous pronunciation win there for Simm.)
h) I am reserving harsh judgement until I see more. As I said, it's not bad, it's just not really my thing as yet, and I suspected that going in.
i) I'm glad Alvo's dead. He really got on my tit. I understand that he was meant to be ~compelling~, and also that we weren't supposed to like him --- I still think there was a leeeeetle bit too much of him being a dick. Also, him being dead now (hopefully) means the fun begins. [Note: not a criticism of Ben Chaplin's acting, because I loooooove him and he is bringing it.]

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