Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

Back breaking, neck wrenching, sweat making...

Well, today has been productive :).

It's nice when you do something physically demanding but when you've finished you have the visual proof. Of course if I'd dusted and put things away day by day, week by week, that would not have had to have happened. So which is better? Living in squalor and having the satisfaction of doing a thorough tidy-up or not living in squalor and never having to do a thorough tidy-up. Hmm, difficult choice.

I just watched Sharpe's Rifles. Another excellent installment. Well, the first actually. Still, I much enjoyed it. It was good for a first "episode". You really get to know the characters. I admit I'm falling in love with Richard Sharpe/Sean Bean. He's lovely. I'm inclined to have a Sharpe icon now...

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