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Life on Mars tie-in novels...

Hang on, hang on, hang on... this is the Monastic Productions bio on twitter: Scriptwriters Matthew Graham and Ashley Pharoah loved each other very much so they made a company.

What the fuck, you guys? MASH is canon.

But also --- look at what they've/someone who represents them's been twittering today: http://twitter.com/monasticprods

My opinion is so, so complex. It's very much this thing where it could go horribly, terribly wrong for so many reasons, but at the same time will most likely incorporate more Sam & Gene buddy cop love that's not written by me. In the end, I loved Matt's Christmas story, for instance. It all sounds interesting, especially the E-Book idea. But maybe the publishers are worried because the writing isn't so good?

... when has that ever stopped publishers before? Twilight, for instance. The Da Vinci Code.

Tie-ins are not always that good. Then again, some of them are not bad.

Ack. And more ack. Because on the one hand? There's so much scope for potential awesome. On the other, there's so much scope for potential fail. And on the third, mutant hand --- I, er, I can be stupidly possessive of these characters. Stupidly. And A2A? They fucked it up at first, they really did (and I still don't regard it as canon.)

Tags: a2a, fandom, life on mars

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