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Living Loz
Ten million fireflies... 
28th-Aug-2010 08:42 pm
Life on Mars (Sam is asleep)
I've actually had this for years, but I am finally watching The Real Life on Mars for research purposes, and these thoughts have to be shared.

"I knew some of the Detective Chief Inspectors who were so tough that they would have regarded a Gene Hunt character as a 22 carat nancy pansy boy." ---- DS Dick Kirby. ♥

"These detectives were so sharp, they could hear sparrows fart." --- also Kirby. This guy deserves his own show, he's fabulous.

[On Annie's promotion] "The idea was that it was supposed to feel like a bright Sixth Former going into the teachers' staff room. In other words, they did like her, and they did respect her, and they did know that she was good. But basically they thought they were far superior to her and ultimately she was just a child." --- Matthew Graham. That's actually a really good analogy. It's these times when I think 'you are a pretty brilliant writer, Matthew.'

I still find Glen's treatment unbelievably painful. More now than before, actually, because the first time I saw this episode I never truly understood how rampant this attitude and behaviour still is. I had successfully convinced myself that 'racism was bad'. --- It really does make me want to finally write that After School Special fic of 'isn't racism horrendous?' Except I won't, of course, because even I am smart enough to know that soapboxing on those issues is eye-roll worthy (especially from my tower of privilege.)

"You can argue that we're getting away with it, but are you getting away with it showing hanging, drawing and quartering in an Elizabethan drama?" --- Matt, on some of his more colourful language/behaviour as Gene. The only thing is? Matthew referred to it as 'getting away with it' several times himself, so his argument is moot. He revealed he actively enjoyed writing Gene's nastiness on several occasions. So, yes, Matt. Getting away with it. Not with saying stuff he privately believes, but revelling in breaking taboos? Getting away with it.

'The verbal'. Hmmm. Could work with that. I've not noticed that term before.

MATTHEW SO SLASHES SAM/GENE. I DO NOT CARE HOW MANY TIMES HE TRIES TO DENY IT: "I'd like both of them, because I'd like Sam to do all the forensic work, in my house, because he'd be thorough and once he'd ascertained a forensic link to a suspect, I'd like Gene to arrest them and talk to them quietly in the police station and get a confession." (His glee? Absolutely fucking palpable. He is so pleased with himself. Why do so many of my posts end up with me shamelessly fangirling Matthew?)

In the end, as I suspected, this didn't actually give me much of anything new --- nor did it help in massive ways with my current story. But it's good to cement ideas in one's mind, to give confirmation.

28th-Aug-2010 05:52 pm (UTC)
I've known two people who were police officers in the seventies - both in Canada, mind you - and the stories they told of the day-to-day racism, bigotry, and tolerance of violence were shocking. One of them quit the force after unsuccessfully trying to get his superiors to suspend his partner, a disturbed and violent individual who had crossed the border to fight in Vietnam with the US Army, and who carried photos of his Vietnamese "kills" in his wallet to show off to his fellow cops.

It was a brutal time. It's improved incrementally since then, of course, although with Robert Dziekański still fresh in the memory, I am not optimistic that the impulse to violent reaction has been entirely rooted out.

On a lighter note: Matthew's comments on Annie were very insightful. The bright sixth-former in the teachers' lounge: yes! But this also highlights just how gutsy Annie's reaction to Ray really was ("Like suet in a bag"). Thanks to working on the transcripts, I'm finally appreciating this woman's intelligence and resourcefulness as never before. She has a gift for knowing when to choose her battles, too.

In 100% agreement about the treatment of Glen, but one thing does puzzle me. According to the newspaper article in 2x02, we're told that Glen is 52 when he dies in 2006... which makes him 19 in 1973. The newspaper text goes on to say, "Fletcher was one of Manchester Constabulary's first black recruits at the dawn of the 1970s", which confirms it. So he can't have been a policeman prior to that time. Yet he turns up in A Division, not as a police constable, but as a 19-year-old detective constable. Someone on the force believed in progressive policing!
29th-Aug-2010 04:36 am (UTC)
I've read a lot about police corruption in Australia during the 70s --- for when I studied Kevin Williamson's plays when I did High School drama. And yes, things were much the same over here.

I looooooove Annie. It always seems like such a shame that a character as brilliant as Annie isn't given her due because, despite her awesomeness, she's still eclipsed by Sam and Gene. Those bastards.

Hmm. Yes, Glen's plain-clothedness, I fear, is probably a mistake.
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