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Quoth the raven; - nevermore!

Well, I just finished my Historical Fictions essay - having started it at 8am (it's 3.50pm, ahuh). I also checked my Uni email and it seems Morton sent me an email about my Poetry essay on June 25 saying I should have it in soon. It's July 12 on Monday - think that's "soon"?

Also, my new supervisor is apparently Graham Tulloch. I like Graham (at least - at the moment I do).


I am intellectually exhausted. I'm off to watch a teensy bit of Calendar Girls - since I'm on a computer far removed from others, and I need a quick pick-me-up, then I'm going to watch the rest of Under the Tuscan Sun, having seen the first part last night but having had to go watch Angel. That was amazing. Only the finale left. :(

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