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Erm... so we're forgetting the giant levels of scepticism Shawn and Gus displayed in "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, He Loves Me, Oops He's Dead"?

Shawn's being the somewhat reasonable one here, yaaaaay!

Bill Callahan! Okay, so the plot may be shaky, but we'll get a lot of BFF goodness.

Lassiter's tone here is unreasonably sexy and he dances and yes.

Gus is SO CREEPY and I am crazy glad Shawn is pointing that out.

:D ;D :D "Are you mocking my 'It's a clue' face?"/"Yep."/"Do it again... I don't look like that."/"Yes you do."/"You're a bastard."

Oh man, this is brilliant. I fucking LOVE it when there is lantern hanging, and yes, verily, some of Shawn's Shawnvisions are less impressive than others, and yes, it's so hilarious that he asks Gus if he's been seeing clues this whole time.

SOYLENT GREEN REFERENCE. (This is one of the ones I tend to make, oh, a lot.)

So, erm, I shouldn't have been so worried at the start, because this was actually vintage Psych. It was awesome.

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