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The IT Crowd!

Easily the best episode of the fourth series so far. None of the other episodes have been worth discussing (mostly they've made me frown and go 'damn, the second series really was the peak of this show's hilarity'.) But this one? On fine form. The framing device. Kevin Eldon. Moss stealing Grand Designs. The callback to the kiss. The bomb disposal robot. "What kind of operating system does it use?"/"Vista."/"We're going to die!" Moss originally staying by Roy's side because they're a team, before sense prevails and he runs. Him getting arrested. The tag. It was all GOLD.

In the list of imaginary shows I wish existed: Richard Ayoade and David Mitchell playing rival bookstore owners who are forced to work together when Borders or a similar company try to build a new megastore down the road. Two snarky, bitter intellectuals who rant at each other and then naturally fall in love become friends. Okay, so I basically want the same show in various different permutations with different actors I adore.


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