Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

To me, coming from you...

No, seriously, guys.

Martin Clunes and Richard E Grant should never not be on a show together again. They are AMAZING. I spent the entire time they were gazing amusedly at each other imagining a tv show where they play antagonists who need to pair up (to solve crime! or, er, run a restaurant! or, er, anything at all!) And then, of course, they slowly become friends. It would be the best. show. ever.

Sanjeev's hip hop cred is brilliantly naff, but I felt he was severely underutilised in this episode.

David should totally narrate kids shows, oh man. (And also? His reaction to Fern's "no wonder you're single" was SO BEAUTIFUL. And then his wit about the magazine --- from aiming it at Lee, to "qualified charlatan" to "I want a medal!" And really, can I keep him? He is perfect.)

Rob's David impression is SO TERRIBLE and is all the more endearing for that. His other impressions were all good, but, dude, this is not Rob Brydon's Impressions Hour. He does know his weakness for wanting to do impressions is somewhat laughable, it was a huge part of Annually Retentive, so why is he doing it for WILTY? For the ironic humour, Loz?

My ovaries, they have exploded and are no more.

Tags: m&w, wilty

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