Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

First job: N/A
First screen name: lozenger8 (original aren't I?)
First self purchased cd: george - polyserena
First funeral: N/A (thank goodness)
First piercing/tattoos: ears when I was 18 - I didn't like them so I've let them heal.
First credit card: N/A
First true love: N/A (Jason)
First enemy: Louise, when I was 4. She used to pinch me.
First big trip: Lake district and Scotland at age 3.
First concert: Robbie Williams in 2001? 2002? Not sure…
First musician you remember hearing in your house: Queen (my parents have taste)
First kiss: N/A!!!!!!!!!!
First "relationship": N/A!!!!!!!!!

Last big car ride: Melbourne 2003
Last kiss: N/A
Last library book checked out: You can check books out of Libraries???
Last movie seen: in a theater? Shrek 2
Last beverage drank: Diet Vanilla Cola
Last food consumed: Hommus dip and Pita bread
Last phone call: Elyse!
Last cd played: Shrek 2 soundtrack
Last annoyance: Having nowhere near enough power outlets…
Last soda drank: Diet Vanilla Cola
Last ice cream eaten: Vanilla
Last time scolded: Just then!
Last website visited: www.cosforums.com
Last "relationship": N/A (I am getting sick of typing that)

I AM: Cold
I WANT: To be kissed by a nice boy (uhhm, man)
I HAVE: a great bunch of friends
I WISH: I had more time
I HATE: Region encoding
I FEAR: Heights
I HEAR: The buzzing of my compie
I WONDER: How to make it quieter
I REGRET: Little
I LOVE: my friends
I ACHE: in my middle back
I ALWAYS: sing
I AM NOT: doing my work like I should be
I DANCE: in my chair like a nutter
I SING: all the time - I wish I had more songs to sing
I CRY: often for no reason
I WRITE: brilliant fan fiction
I WIN: hangman and age of kings
I LOSE: everything else
I CONFUSE: lots of people
I NEED: a boyfriend
I SHOULD: clean my room

You keep a diary: yes
You like to cook: as long as someone else cleans
You have a secret you have not shared with anyone: no

Have a crush: No (sigh)
Want to get married: One day
Get motion sickness: yes
Think you're a health freak: no
Get along with your parents: yes
Like thunderstorms: that depends..

CURRENT HAIR COLOR: chestnut brown
EYE COLOR: green

Number: 8
Color: Red
Day: Thursday
Month: December
Songs: Bohemian Rhapsody, Come on Eileen, Don't Cry Out Loud
Season: Winter
Drink: Diet Vanilla Cola

Cuddle or make out: N/A
Chocolate milk or hot chocolate: Chocolate milk
Milk, dark or white chocolate: Milk
Vanilla or chocolate: Chocolate

Cried? no
Helped someone? Sure have
Bought something? No
Gotten sick? no
Gone to the movies? no
Gone out for dinner? no
Said I love you? yes!
Written a real letter? no
Talked to an ex? no
Missed an ex? no
Written in a journal? yes
Had a serious talk? yes
Missed someone? yes
Hugged someone? no
Fought with your parents? no
Fought with a friend? no

Eat a bug: Yes
Bungee jump: no
Lose it: no
Kiss someone of the same sex: sure
Have sex with someone of the same sex: Hmmm… uhmmm… perhaps?
Parachute from a plane: no
Walk on hot coals: no
Go out with someone for the looks: … maybe
Be a vegetarian: if I could
Wear plaid with stripes: yeah
IM a stranger: no
Sing karaoke: yes
Get drunk off your ass: no
Shoplift: no
Run a red light: try not to
Star in a porn video: no
Dye your hair blue: yes
Be on survivor: no way
Wear makeup in public: sure
Not wear makeup in public: of course
Cheat on a test: no
Make someone cry: yes
Date someone more that 10 years older than you: yes
Stay up all night: yes


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