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Read error. Does not compute...

Have you ever had a co-worker who's so technologically impaired they think you're a God when you figure out how to get the thingy on the thingy to thing in that program they're trying to use, like they wanted to but were too terrified to attempt (which you accomplished by randomly clicking until you got the right 'thingy' button.) Has it happened that because of this previously demonstrated superiority they then think you're Master of the Computers?

Not knowing how computers work not only means they think you're some kind of technowizard, it also means they have no idea that it's perfectly possible to be intuitive and experienced with one aspect of ICT (discovering how to install software/finding out how to get the thingy on the thingy to thing), but to have not even an inkling of a suspicion how to do a whole range of other things with computers (involving the hardware, or network related.) And they ask of you increasingly demanding requests, not understanding when you say, 'I honestly have no idea how to do that.'

"But the thingy, with the thingy, and the thing! You did that!"

"I guessed. I'm good at guessing. But I fear, if I guess this, the consequences may be dire."

The disappointment is palpable. You are no longer God-like. Hell, you're worse than they are, because you've been pretending you're a technowizard, when really you're a technodizzard (regardless of the fact the hero-worship was nice, but you've never actually said you're any good, they just assumed, and assumption is all well and good until someone loses an I for information.)

If this hasn't happened to you, take it from me, it's a pain. A journey from aggrandizement to bitterness to inadequacy. Try as you may, you can't explain. The co-worker does not get it, regardless of your sports metaphors, interpretive dance, and especially your powerpoint presentation. And you are left feeling like a villain who's no longer chillin', because the sick part of your brain who tells you that you're not reaching your personal best suggests you should, 'ooooh, find out how to [hardware/network], and maybe they'll love you again!'

And the cycle continues. Because once you've done this, there's always that.
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