Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

the king was in his counting house

Title: the king was in his counting house
Fandom: Ashes to Ashes
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 300 words.
Notes: Spoilers for A2A 3.08. This is a twist on the ending. I couldn't resist. Gen.

Natural that it should happen this way, even though nothing here is natural. He held on for as long as he could and that's all that could've been expected. But he thinks he should be allowed a moment or two to feel for those he's lost. To mourn, to grieve, to contemplate.

It came down to it and it was a question of appearances. He wanted to be a hero. Let them go to the light thinking he's a saviour, not a sinner. Let them think he ferried their souls, not fed off them. Let them believe the light's the end when it's only the beginning of true torment. No longer to be slowly consumed, but devoured whole.

"You played your part well, Jimbo," he acknowledges, brow furrowing. "Bit amateur theatrics, but it worked."

"I try, Guv," Jim Keats says, ambling with Puckish glee. He changes form before Gene's very eyes and his moustache twitches as his excitement escalates. "Time for round two and a half, you think?" he asks now as Frank Morgan. "Or did you want to wait a while? You've power enough to keep going, I'd wager," he continues, shifting from Vic Tyler, to Tim Drake, to Martin Summers.

Gene stares into the distance and calls to them, the lost and the lonely, knowing soon he'll have another Ray --- maybe a Don, or a Peter --- all bravado and loyalty and chickenshit. Another Chris --- Adrian, Chester --- just a stupid grin, willingness to fuck up, and miles of hope. Another Annie, or Shaz, or Cindy --- so much promise, so very oppressed. And another Sam. Another Alex. Another Brian or Jeff or Sarah --- constantly challenging, perennially picking --- infused with energy that keeps this world turning round.

And he is ruler over his dominion.
Tags: a2a, writing
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