Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

Ten Things About Me

A 'Ten Things (I Assume You Know) About Me' meme is on my friends list and so I thought I'd give it a go. I am wondering if I can even think of ten relevant things, let alone ones I think anyone should know.

1. My name is Loz. It's actually Laura, but even my family calls me Loz. At work I am Laura. But I prefer Loz.
2. I'm 26 years old.
3. I'm from England originally. I'm very proud of my Englishness, and I still retain a fair amount of the accent, depending on my emotional state at the time of speaking.
4. Most of the year I live in a remote Indigenous Australian community in South Australia. (And it is remote. The nearest supermarket/hospital/coffee-shop/church/cinema/take-away is just over five hours' (400km) drive away, in Alice Springs. We have one store in community, and it's got the bare basics, for huge prices. There are also quite a lot of confronting issues in community. On the positive side, the people are for the most part wonderful and the landscape is amazing.)
5. During school holidays I live in Adelaide.
6. I am a teacher and I love it, even though it is challenging. My students are 5/6/7 years old and speak Pitjantjatjara/Yankunytjatjara (the word we use for the people as a collective is 'Anangu') as opposed to English as a first language. They really only have to speak English at school, so it takes a while for them to learn. When there is no Anangu Education Worker in class, we communicate with each other in many different ways.
7. I love to write. I hate to write. I love to write. I hate to write. This is generally my cycle, so far as writing's concerned. I am way neurotic about it and I don't know why.
8. I love to sing. There's never any hatred there. I really, really love singing. People who aren't me say I'm good. I also say I'm good. (Own your awesome, people.)
9. My main fandom is Life on Mars [UK]. It's probably the only fandom I've been super involved and invested in. I adore it so. I am not so keen on Ashes to Ashes, for multiple reasons that I have discussed at length.
10. If I have spare time I spend it watching 'television' (on my computer.) I'm particularly fond of panel shows, because they're usually a guaranteed smile, if not a guaranteed laugh. I always like taking suggestions for new (or old) shows I should watch if I haven't already, although I'd prefer something light and happy-making in the immediate future. I'll go back to drama once I'm ready.


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