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Living Loz
Cue overly-dramatic music... 
27th-Apr-2010 08:15 pm
Merlin (Arthur is a sadist)

This episode of Merlin? Is exactly what I needed.

"I know I'm a prince. So we can't be friends. But if I wasn't a prince---"


"Well, then, I think we'd probably get on." = Arthur loves Merlin.

All Merlin's ever really wanted is a dad! And Arthur's hot sexing. Okay. Now I am getting properly teary with all of this stuff regarding Balinor. You just know this is going to end in disaster and Colin Morgan is acting his little heart out

...and it actually ended a lot quicker than I thought.

OMG. This entire exchange is basically "even though our love is epic and pure, don't cry for me if I die today."

Arthur's little face at "I know it's hard for you to understand how I feel"! ! ! They are so in love. This is what I had been missing most of this series.

I am well ready for Arthur to know the truth about Merlin. He has to stop getting knocked out just before Merlin behaves heroically.

I sincerely hope next series remembers that the awesome central relationship of this show is Arthur/Merlin, since any inclusion of them being adorable makes an episode nine hundred times better.
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