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Mere alcohol, it doesn't thrill me at all...

Jack Lothian! I looooove Doc Martin and his episodes of the show are great, so I have hopes for excellence here. (I, er, never ended up seeing A2A 2.06, which JL also wrote.)

Is it just me or is Phil not quite getting Gene's accent in this beginning scene with Alex?

... Gene just said 'yuh' as opposed to 'you'. Huh. Accent confusion holds true. (I mean, he did it a bit in LoM too, but... not that much? It seemed very pronounced just then, anyway.)

Shaz/Chris. :( I totally love what Marsh has got going on with Chris this series. I maintain he's sneakily the best actor of the lot. I really don't understand why Shaz has completely turned around, though.


Okay. ♥ This is hilarious. Their love has always been canon, but now it's so explicit it's written on a wall! :D :D :D I really do adore fanservice.

On the one hand, I'm sort of... well, now they're just fucking with us. And on the other, I'm all... OMG GENE ♥ SAM. YESSSSS! What can I say? I am fickle. I don't mind being played with, so long as I still get a cuddle in the morning.

This actor, that I should know the name of, but don't, always plays these kinds of roles and always does an amazing job of it.

I like Alex a lot in this episode.

This scene is very Life on Mars.

I really do like Keats, and I don't know why, because I get some creepy, creepy vibes from him.

"Out of the closet, he's all over me." Heh.

I don't trust Louise.

Chriiiiiiis. He's so fucking adorable.

Even though I don't trust her, I would have given Louise a change of clothes.

Gene/Sam. More blatant fanservice. Hah!

Yeah. I'm going to have to attribute liking Keats to Daniel Mays. He's got this wonderful charm to him and it's effective.

Bryan Dick! I looooove him. Love him.


I think one of the things that freaks me out about Alex is her dead, dead eyes. Now, I know this isn't Keeley. I've seen her in many other roles. She does the dead eyes thing deliberately for Alex, and yeah, it's disturbing.

"Do I look like a slice of toast?"/"No."/"Then stop buttering me up..." = Brilliant writing.

HEE! I kind of adore that Chris is so with pop culture.

Chris, no, you're being played. Someone needs to talk to Chris about how to manage his anger.

"I'm not the one who's gonna have to change his trousers." LMFAO. OH MAN.

Gene/Alex shippers were just about to go wild, but Jack Lothian is cruel, bwaaaaahahaha!

... huh. This is interesting. Because this was Gene's philosophy in 1973. But he'd never have betrayed one of his own to get it.

Shocking. I was right about Louise.

There's something going on with Keats and it's weird.

Great, great, great use of 'My Way' in the background.

Oh my God, this is quintessential Gene. And that look on Keats' face. Perfect.

In conclusion: Dude, this show is really good now. Really good.

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