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Guilty Pleasure? Er, yeah...

NCIS 7.19

YAY FOR MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF TIM/TONY. I have been waiting patiently and now it is mine.

Oh, show, you are SO BLATANT.

TONY. THAT IS NOT ON. YOU FUCKING JERK. Ugh. (He's really, really upset, isn't he? He's like, in emotional turmoil right now.)

And now he's flirting with McFake? BAH. And Tim isn't happy. So yes, this episode is basically a slashfic. I have high hopes that it ends in Tim/Tony kissing. Or the network tv equivalent.

... no, honestly. I'm kind of surprised by how very "this is all about their relationship" this episode is. It feels like a dream put on screen.

These two are not a good match because they look like brothers. And okay, some people are into that. But not me.

Tim is a total voyeur (and you just know part of him is going "I need to tell Tony this.")

That look was, er, there are no words for what that look was. There was much checking out of Tony's ass. Who plays that look except as anything other than 'Tim clearly is incredibly gay for Tony'?

WTH, Tony? "Daddy's gonna make wee wee"?! Tim's fond little smile. "That's him improvising."

London brother! Looking fine. I always felt those two were good actors and it was sad they never got much work. Shame he's a killer.

What happened to Mallison and why does this show persist in hooking Gibbs up with morally questionable women? (Which is not to say he isn't morally questionable himself, because he totally is.)

TCad. I... what. the. fuck. Tim is SO JEALOUS. And Tony knows it. McBitter? And this is all one long weird little fucked up game they're playing.


:( :( :( As much as I do not doubt this is going to end well, I am feeling very upset for the Tim/Tony break up right now. Tony, don't punish Tim by witholding his nutter butters. That's just cruel.

I KNEW IT. Abby was always going to understand. She would so bring out the pom poms. Black, of course. With maybe some silver.

ABBY! EVIL. AND AWESOME. I do not ship Tim/Gibbs for much the same reason I don't ship Gibbs/DiNozzo. But if I did, that look would please me. Along with that episode where Tim drives Gibbs home and tries to keep up with his schedule.

I wanna know what McFake said to make Tony say "Probie does a lot for me." Also, I'm actually not that keen on seeing 'Probie' back. Huh. But at least Tony's backed Tim up, now that Tim's out of earshot.

... eyefucking. For sadly too short a time.

Ziva ships Tim/Tony. We already knew that, but it's very obvious here.

That shooting was unnecessarily graphic.

This is where "manmance" comes from. Of course.

"Us NCIS geeks." You just know McFake said something horrible about Tim to make Tony dump him. And because Tony had now taught Tim his lesson, he could easily cut the strings. But this episode is probably one of the worst examples of Tony's behaviour for a long time. And Tim standing him up makes no sense at all. I am now pondering what really happened between them, because it has to go a long way back before 'you stood me up'. Why wouldn't Tim at least have texted Tony back to say he had the wrong day?

The only way I can kind of make sense of this is if they're friends with benefits and Tony did ask Tim to hook him up, but only because he's testing him --- trying to get him to admit that what they have is worth something, and Tim looooves Tony, so naturally he's pissed off and jealous, and doesn't realise it's a test. Tony takes Tim's behaviour as avoidance. Tim takes Tony's as not!love. They angst but don't talk, because they're idiots. Tony continues to test Tim, because he's fairly sure Tim loves him but he won't admit it, and dammit, can't he see Tony's put everything on the line for him? Isn't it obvious this is it, McOblivious? And he's such an emotional fuck-up he can't just say, "I love you, Timothy. I have done for seemingly ever." But he starts to think maybe Tim's just blind enough not to realise that what they have is real and he, Tony, well, he's been acting like a Grade A ++ Jerk. There are no words he can say to fix this, not totally. His inability to be a sensible adult, it is crazy huge, and anyway, he can't always be the one making compromises, Tim has to see it himself at some point, he is being blatant with a capital B here. If he hurts McFake in any way while trying to prove a point, maybe he'll feel a little bad, but, to be fair, for McFake this really is bro rather than ro mance.

And I was right. The network tv equivalent of Tim/Tony kissing. THEY ARE SO IN LOVE. IT'S CANON.

Parts of this episode are going to get rewatched so much.

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