Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

My day in reverse.

Livejournal hasn't been working for me all day, which was highly annoying because at some point or another I wondered what was up with one of my LJ friends. You know you're more social than you think when you randomly think "oh I wonder what and_i or ainegriffin have to say for themselves today?" or "I miss sansenmage's random insane thoughts" (though it turns out none have been posted). :) Hey ho, I'm not a loner.

It really surprises me that my earlier post got through because my client didn't seem to send it correctly. I didn't post anymore because I figured there was no point if I couldn't read it.

Instead of LJ then, I wrote some more. That was fun. I like it when I can write.

I got an international call from thethirdman - which lasted all of a minute, because I'm crap on the phone and sort of told her to hang up :D.

I also started on a piece of artwork - first by sketching and scanning and starting to do the line work in various different layers, and applying digital colour. Before you say "oh I didn't know you could draw/paint/sketch/do anything remotely artistic in that way", let me assure you - I can't. But I always try anyway. See, now - text and effects in my programs for my Icons/Avatars, I can handle - but drawing a line myself? I have enough acumen to know I'm rubbish at it. Yet my father and mother are artistic, my father especially, so I persist anyway. Practice if you will. If you don't believe my lack of skill in that area you've obviously never seen any of my drawings.

I have not done my essays.
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