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The Big Bang Theory

I managed to watch three series worth of the show in a week. Suffice to say I really like it. Which isn't to say that I don't have issues, sometimes, with the dick moves characters pull and the various creepiness in relation to oh so many things, but the show also gets a lot right (especially in regards to continuity win) and a) I am in love with Leonard, b) I think Jim Parsons is a pretty amazing actor considering the lines he has to say as Sheldon, c) Raj is still TOTALLY hot and Kunal Nayyar has fantastic comedic timing, d) even though I only ever think of him as 'Moist', and he is often creeptacular, I have a soft spot for Howard, and e) Penny is awesome.

The latest episode was so fantastic for so many reasons, but not least Sheldon's Sim City. Most people do that, right? I wasn't the only one feeling the keen sense of "oh God, I'm just like him." I always start with Lozville. I really want to play Sim City 2000 now.

I kind of love Sheldon when he's drunk. I like him a lot most other times too, but drunk he especially appeals to me. It's that whole "Data gets an emotion chip" thing. We all like to see our robotic friends show a different side to their personalities. Also, Jim Parsons has a totally wonderful singing voice, so whenever he gets to sing on the show, I feel happy. This instance weirdly didn't ping my humiliation squick, although it was fairly humiliating.

Yay for sitcoms.


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