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Living Loz
17th-Mar-2010 07:31 pm
NCIS (Tim Pensive)

Ziva's curly hair is back and she looks amazing.

As they go up to the victim's house:

a) Tony wants McGee.
b) There's then a fair amount of Gibbs/DiNozzo banter. In which Gibbs 'casually' mentions red roses. Whut?

I choose to believe this actress who reminds me of Anne Dudek is playing the exact same character here as she did in White Collar. And so far, this appears to be the case.

As much as I know she'll pull it out in the end, I kind of like an imperfect Abby.

Timmy's smirk is adorable.


OMG. LACEY. LACEY FROM CORNER GAS. I. I. WHAT? I bet she's the killer.

... this has so far been an unremarkable episode. What is it with the NCIS writers' obsession with finding dopplegangers for their characters? I do not think Auburn-Dudek is anything like Gibbs. I do like her, though. IMDb tells me her name is Diane Neal.

Called it.

Crowbarred Tony/Ziva = totally unnecessary. (I am a hypocrite. If that had been Tim I would have been all "WOO, YEAH". And I guess it was pretty sweet.)

That was a lacklustre 45 minutes.

17th-Mar-2010 04:22 pm (UTC)
Haven't seen the ep yet but just had to read your comments. Most entertaining. I love the Tony/Tim/Gibbs dynamic. I'm not really much of a Tony/Gibbs shipper which is why I put Tim in the middle. It's like they're playing a tug of war with Tim. Tony is always getting in Tim's face and being slightly inappropriate and Gibbs always Gibbs-slaps him for it, like the time Tony kept touching McGee's face after Tim hadn't shaved for a day, or Gibbs telling Tony that the calender he was destroying was a gift from him to Tim. One way to look at it is Gibbs protecting Tim from Tony, another way is that Gibbs is slightly jealous of Tony's obsession.

Although honestly, for the straightest character I know, Gibbs has SO many husbands: Vance, Fornell, Ducky. He's got as many husbands as he has ex-wifes!
18th-Mar-2010 09:16 am (UTC)
Gibbs has SO many boyfriends, I agree. :D
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