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"He's in his office and he's looking at this poster of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly with a scotch and a fag in his hand, and Sam Tyler walks in and says, 'Which one are you?' And Gene replies, 'I'm all three.' I love that, it just sums him up."

Yes, Philip. Yes. I agree. Because that IS Gene. It's the self-knowledge and the acceptance and the quietness and terror all at once. It's partly why I always remember that Matthew Graham is one fucking amazing writer. He encapsulated that character in one reference, one line. I'd kill to have that ability. (I'm saying this now, because there's every chance in two months time, I'm going to have a huge "I hate Matt so, so much" post, and, it's a one-sided love/hate relationship, okay, guys? I may curse his name occasionally, but I also tend to view him as a demi-God.)

But you never feel people are laughing at Gene; his ignorance is based on knowledge.

And again, yes. Which is what makes him so terrifying. I do sometimes laugh at Gene, but it's not the same as when I laugh at the BNP. He's --- he's tricky.
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