Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

I forgot the new day...

3 minutes in and I am like: "If this isn't Andy or Steve or Roday, this writer is my new all-time favourite, holy motherfucking shit".

13 minutes in? "OH, STEVE. STEVE. STEVE. STEVE. And Tim!"

Seriously, I am SEAL-CLAPPING here.

First, we have awesome Juliet. Second, we have Lassiter being amazing. Third, we have plenty of Shawn/Lassiter/Gus brilliance. Fourth, the return of Shawn/Lassiter bodily contact in the form of violence (\o/)

15 minutes in and if I never get to marry Steve Franks' awesome brain... I will be sad for a little bit and then console myself with other amusing endeavours.

23 minutes in : OMG. OMG. OMG. ACCENT!

27 minutes in, Jules/Lassiter, everyone. Jules/Lassiter. Their partnership is so fucking adorable. I love them. (Steve and Tim write for the shippers of all varieties, which is why I loooove them.)

I do not doubt for a single second that Shawn has a to-don't list, omg. On it are such things as "watch The O'Reilly Factor when not hopped up on pineapple jellybeans and june bugs" and "ever, ever, ever pay less than $90 on a haircut."

I have adored that they've finally remembered Shawn rides a bike these past couple of episodes.

Shawn as a quasi-badass is SO HOT.

EEEEEEEE! The ending! It is perfect.

Yay, outtakes! Oh, man. Their lame three-hole punch joke never seems to get old. It is massively lame, though.

This episode was wonderful in every way. It's made its way into my top five of wonderful episodes.

Tags: psych

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