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NCIS - 7.13 - Jet Lag

You know what this episode drives home for me? That I am anti Tony/Ziva. I usually ship the canon (UST) pairing, even if I also ship other pairings. For instance, I totally shipped Sam/Annie, John/Aeryn, Niles/Daphne, Horatio/Archie (hah!). I ship Shawn/Juliet, and even though I grumble about its overuse in the show, I ship Chuck/Sarah. If a show is leading me towards liking a ship, I generally do. But here? I am all 'A WORLD OF NO!' And it's strange, because I love Ziva. And I love Tony. I just really do not like them together. It's even more odd, because, as pairings go, they kind of fill in all the boxes as to things I like (tension! antagonism! hard-won trust!) I do not get it, but clearly I do not like it.

By the by? We've had strong Tim/Abby, Gibbs/DiNozzo, Tony/Ziva episodes now. We have to be on track for crazy amounts of Tim/Tony.

Other things of note in this episode:

Gibbs/Ducky fanservice. I was agog! They're totally going on a date.

I missed Jimmy almost as much as I missed Tim in this episode. By the way, I really missed Tim in this episode.

Tony recommends Twilight? This is a man who mercilessly mocked Tim's writing, yet has no problems with Stephenie Meyer's awful prose? (Which? Is not me saying Tim's writing is any good, because, of all the sections read out in the show? Very much no. But, compared to Meyer?) Also, he's Team Edward. I don't even --- *jazz hands*

Americans must truly distrust flight attendants by now.

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