Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

Thursday is NCIS day, at the moment...

I am sorry but I do not like Tim's white jacket.

Robert Wagner makes a totally convincing DiNozzo Sr. It's kind of freaky, actually. Like Michael Weatherly's his clone.

HEE. HEEEEE! Even THE SHOW pointed it out.

I hate it when people call their sons 'junior'.

Gibbs had the cutest hint of a smile on his face as he whacked Tony with the hat.

They're really playing up Tim/Abby again this season. My inner Tim/Abby shipper is squeeing, loudly.

I miss Ziva's curly hair.

Skinny butt! Hah!

The Gibbs/DiNozzo shippers are going WILD right now.

I do like Tim's black coat. And the jeans. I miss seeing him in a t-shirt. Show, we need Tim in a t-shirt sometime soon.

Oh, Tony, Tony, Tony. I can't believe you just did that for your daddy. The one who's never given you the approval and love you seek.

And they're still going wild.

Am I the only one now wondering how much of Tony's speech about getting dressed up as a sailor until he was ten was made up? Two years worth? All of it? Enquiring minds want to know.

I love how this show can be total crack and juuuust a little bit heartbreaking, often at the same time.

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