Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

How odd!

I had a discussion with my father today. It was a friendly discussion, but I discovered something that perplexed me.

He didn't know I was a Professor on CoSForums. He didn't even know what CoSForums was!

I talk to mum about CoS often and Nick of course knows all about it. Even Jeremy does to an extent. But Dad? He said he knew that I had Harry Potter friends online, but wasn't aware of how I made them. He knew more about my association with hh100 (as he was the one who sparked my interest in Hornblower, and I felt compelled to tell him about this lovely community subverting his favourite texts).

I shouldn't take for granted that he would know something just because I've talked about it in general. He said I've never talked to him about it and I can't help but think there was an underlying message there. I don't think I talk to him enough. Oh yes, we have these incredibly long chats sometimes (had one today), all encompassing, from religion, to politics, to television, to genealogy (Dad loves to claim we're descendants of the "Black Douglas" clan in Scotland - when I was younger he also insisted he was an alien from outer space). Our views are frighteningly similar in many ways in point of religion and politics, and I wonder if I came up with my views independantly or whether I inherited them. I don't think I talk to him enough about me, however.

"Hah!" you're all thinking, "how is this possible? Laura, dear, you rarely talk about anything else!"

Online, perhaps I do. Not as much in real life, though.

Anyway, it's all sorted now. I explained what CoS was, and what I should be doing. He was interested. He knows now why I often say things like, "there was a theory about Dumbledore being Ron due to time travel, but we mostly scoffed at it." I think before he thought I was using the royal 'we'.

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