Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

Need some time off from that emotion...


WOOOT, JACKSON! Just after I was all 'OMG I LOVE HEARTLAND', too.

Tiny Tim! *dies*

Tim is all smirky and gorgeous.

Gibbs thinks Tony has a bubble butt. Hah. HAH! (And Tim's look? Is like, totally fond. HEE. You can interpret it as "ahah, this guy who rags on me about my weight is getting his comeuppance" OR "yeah, Tony really does have a delectable bubble butt!" Guess which I choose?)

Gibbs... are you twelve years old? Why does this still piss you off so much?

Tim is looking totally hot. ... and still totally fails at social interaction. Oh, Tim.

WINNING exchange between Tony and Ziva:

"How many languages do you speak, anyway?"
"Including the language of love? Ten."

I love Ziva.

Jackson is worrying me.

OMG. TIM. TIMMY. (It's really bad that I keep thinking this; 'your hair is too short and I don't love it!')

I, er, actually thought Gibbs was about to kiss Ducky on the head then.

Oh Jackson. Oh Gibbs (Gibbs is softly stroking his dad's shoulder and I am like this: OMGILOVEYOUSHOW.)

Personnel files carry that kind of information? REALLY? REALLY? DORKY, DORKY SHOW.

Ow, my ovaries. Tim should be around kids always.

... if I still vehemently shipped Tim/Abby, this penultimate scene would make me freak the fuck out. As it is, it makes me glow. I enjoy their friendship.

I LOVED THIS EPISODE. We all knew I was a massive sap, and I adore it when NCIS panders to my sappiness.

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