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Living Loz
Need some time off from that emotion... 
16th-Dec-2009 09:50 pm
Loz Cola

WOOOT, JACKSON! Just after I was all 'OMG I LOVE HEARTLAND', too.

Tiny Tim! *dies*

Tim is all smirky and gorgeous.

Gibbs thinks Tony has a bubble butt. Hah. HAH! (And Tim's look? Is like, totally fond. HEE. You can interpret it as "ahah, this guy who rags on me about my weight is getting his comeuppance" OR "yeah, Tony really does have a delectable bubble butt!" Guess which I choose?)

Gibbs... are you twelve years old? Why does this still piss you off so much?

Tim is looking totally hot. ... and still totally fails at social interaction. Oh, Tim.

WINNING exchange between Tony and Ziva:

"How many languages do you speak, anyway?"
"Including the language of love? Ten."

I love Ziva.

Jackson is worrying me.

OMG. TIM. TIMMY. (It's really bad that I keep thinking this; 'your hair is too short and I don't love it!')

I, er, actually thought Gibbs was about to kiss Ducky on the head then.

Oh Jackson. Oh Gibbs (Gibbs is softly stroking his dad's shoulder and I am like this: OMGILOVEYOUSHOW.)

Personnel files carry that kind of information? REALLY? REALLY? DORKY, DORKY SHOW.

Ow, my ovaries. Tim should be around kids always.

... if I still vehemently shipped Tim/Abby, this penultimate scene would make me freak the fuck out. As it is, it makes me glow. I enjoy their friendship.

I LOVED THIS EPISODE. We all knew I was a massive sap, and I adore it when NCIS panders to my sappiness.

17th-Dec-2009 04:52 am (UTC)
Okay, I have a predicament. My landlord is kicking me out which means I have to live with my mom and she does not have the internet (and I'm still paying for the internet at the place I'm being kicked out of because it costs too much to cancel the contract) but you have got me addicted to this show and the only way I get to see it is online but I won't be able to do that so do I skip season 5 and season 6 to watch this ep or do I ignore the fact I need to pack and cancel all the Carer's Allowance I was going to get for looking after my manic depressive landlord and my Housing Benfits need cancelling, and I need to get my DS and DVDS back from friends. Should I ignore all that just to watch NCIS? I still need to make a Timothy icon and he sounds so delightful in this episode (even if you don't like him with short hair) and I want to have his babies too, he would make an awesome dad, a little insecure so the mom would have to be the tough one but... I'm kinda high on caffeine and on fear since my landlord is chucking me out for not cleaning the house the second he asked because I ahve a slow processing speed, plus he broke the washing machine two months ago and I can't function in unclean clothes and I can't go to a launderette because I've never been before and he's the one who diagnosed me with autism/asperges so *deep breath*

Anyway, my personal life sucks but this show is so awesome and I have no idea how I am gonna survive without it.

ps: Gibbs/Ducky is practically canon *adjusts Tin hat which I almost called a Tim hat then.*

I iz obsest!

*dashes back to reality, takes a look round and realises how bad it is so decides to watch another episode of NCIS before trying to get some sleep and tacking reality in the morning*

So sorry for venting but I am gonna miss NCIS SO much! My mother needs the internet. I have a five year old sister and a nine year old brother. They need the internet.

Seriously, gonna stop venting now. So sorry. If this random post upsets you, feel free to delete. I'm gonna take a bajillion screencaps of Tim before I go home. I'm gonna miss your posts :-(
17th-Dec-2009 09:46 am (UTC)
Hey, do you think you could email me an address (lozenger8 at gmail dot com)? I could send you discs via snail mail?

I am pro dealing with life and then rewarding yourself with television after.

Gibbs/Ducky is totally canon :D :D :D
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