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Living Loz
NCIS again... 
15th-Dec-2009 10:00 am
Loz Calming
Now that I've caught up with series 4, 5 and 6 of NCIS, I've gone back to the beginning of Tim's arc and these are the things I have noticed.

1. Tony is obsessed with Tim from the offset. When he goes to him in 'Eye Spy'? I flailed a little bit. He needs to track down a number, so the first person he goes to is a guy he's met once? And he's obsessed with Tim's alleged tattoo as well.
2. Tim gives as good as he gets from the start. This pleases me. Yeah, he's a lot more gullible, and calls Tony 'Sir', but he also sets Tony and Kate up to deal with Gibbs, which I like.
3. In ways I can't explain, that they deliberately set Tim up the way they did makes me so happy. It's clear they've always intended him to start off as a talented rookie who gradually becomes a badass, but also that they've always intended him and Tony to be buddy-cop-style friends. It appeals to many of my fictional preference kinks.
4. This has nothing to do with Tony and Tim, but Gibbs is way, way more lighthearted in these episodes than he becomes in, say, S4. You really only see that return to that level of bantering, grinny Gibbs in mid-S6, and by then, it feels hard won in an awesome kind of way.
15th-Dec-2009 01:54 am (UTC)
This is the most sexually charged show since Torchwood. Tim/Ziva is FTW! I heartily approve. For some reason Abby/Gibbs to me feels too much like incest, as does Gibbs/DiNozzo but even though he is the father figure for the team I don't see it so much with him and Tim. Bizarre.

It's a shame that Tim has only gotten more clued in as he has caved to what is traditionally more attractive by seeing a personal trainer four times a week etc. Tony has loved him from the start and it's a shame Tim has had to change himself before he realises that maybe Tony does actually like him. (Although I do love that scene where Kate and Tony are totally ragging on McGee's apartment, making fun of his dinosaur cereal and saying even George Clooney couldn't get laid in that place. When they're gone, a really hot girl comes out of the bedroom only wearing one of Tim's t-shirts, she can't find Tim so she satisfies herself by playing the computer game Tim was in the middle of before he got called away)

Yep, you're right, this show has got me good. The characters are so real... Gibbs can be a bastard (that's what the extra 'b' is for) but he's so awesome I can't help but care about all the characters. The episodes plots are interesting and keep me intrigued. There is continuity and intelligence! I love my shiny show ♥
15th-Dec-2009 02:11 am (UTC)
I prefer to think that it isn't Tim's self-fulfillment regimen that makes him realise Tony likes him, but more that he sees that Tony's more than a one-note caricature over time. I mean, Tony still mocks the hell out of Tim, calling him 'McGeek', and 'McGoo', but he also spends time with him. There are many shots of them sitting close together eating lunch, for no other reason than they're enjoying each other's company. Which is nice.

Tim's really only trying to change small aspects of himself in small doses. I find it a lot more positive as a character arc than the show saying McGee has to change to be more attractive. His self-help cds are all about him recognising why he is already awesome, he wanted to be fitter not necessarily thinner, he seems to always be striving to project himself for who he really is --- not letting himself be weighed down by the fear of other people's expectations and reactions. If Tony calls Tim 'McGeek', the next couple of minutes show why Tim's proficiency is a brilliant thing.

For me, Tim's development has always been about him gaining confidence in who he is right now, just as much as it's about him working towards who he could be.
15th-Dec-2009 02:20 am (UTC)
Awesome summary. I guess I get a tad defensive over Tim, wish I met him in highschool so I could protect him and make sure he NEVER had a problem with self-confidence.

*hugs, because hugs give people confidence*

(I am so tired right now, I'm surprised you're understanding anything I'm saying. Thankyou for being so nice to me as I suspect I may be nonsensical)
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