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Interesting spoiler-laden interview with Matthew Graham about A2A and LoM

The idea was to get darker with each series: series one would be quite frothy and iconically '80s, then series two we would peel back the layers and get a bit darker, then series three we would get right down to the nitty gritty and all the deep stuff we have to go through to get all the revelations we want.

Matthew is always such a liar. Ashley's said before that when they went back to the drawing board for S2 A2A they rethought the tone of S1 --- pretty much stating it was a mistake that they went so light. Does Matthew not think people would remember Ash saying that? Well, clearly he didn't bank on fans like me. I am a total anorak about these things (she says, as if you couldn't tell.)

Q: So with that in mind, can we expect Life On Mars characters to come back in Ashes series three?
A: Umm... you can!
Q: How about a specific character...?
A:Umm.. no! Hahaha! But you can expect Life On Mars to be bleeding in to Ashes To Ashes. I think that's a better way to explain it.

... like it always has? GOD, MATTHEW. Why do I love him so? (Because Matt said 'awesome'? Hee. HEE!)

Huh. The ending to A2A is sad. I wonder if that's anything like the ending to LoM being 'happy'?

My tinhat is falling to pieces. It's looking strongly like a no Simm series three, which makes me sad... I just really, really want to see Sam and Gene on screen together again, okay? I can't help it. I also properly hate the dispelling of all ambiguity. I cling onto my little plotholes (so far as you can cling onto a hole. Maybe just at the very edge, danging into the void?) I like there being no definitive answer. I have never really understood why Matt doesn't get that this is what was always good about Life on Mars?

But if that definitive answer is parallel dimensions? I won't be complaining.

No, scratch that. Knowing me, I probably will.

Also, hi. I am in Adelaide. My house keys were never found, but let's hope the gigantic padlocks on my doors are enough of a deterrent to keep unwanted visitors out. My birthday and Christmas are coming and these are the things I am going to concentrate on, in glee.
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