Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

Bang bang Maxwell's silver hammer...

And this is me joining the hordes of White Collar reactions:


On the one hand, I'm like --- 'wow! brilliant twist there!' and on the other I'm all 'NOOOOOOOOOOO!' Because I loved the Peter I thought I knew and he was not the kind of person who would do this.

And okay, I don't for a second think Peter is, like, an evil overlord puppetmaster engineering Neal to his every whim by kidnapping his girlfriend and being superdastardly, because then there would be NO SHOW. On a show construction level it would be really stupid to make the reveal --- waaaay too early, unless the show's intended to be, like, 10 episodes long. Not to mention the whole 'this is not how this kind of show works' thing going on, that it's a surefire way to lose your audience if you con them. There are other secrets that will be revealed in the episodes that air when the show comes back. I know this. I do. I have a degree in television (honourary because I watch so much, but for real too.) But, still, Peter has omitted all this time. I keep telling myself Neal has omitted too, but for the most part, he's startlingly honest, for a conman. And I am all 'gahhh! arghhh! raaarrrgh!'

I kind of love that this show went from UNMITIGATED AWESOME to WELL THIS IS ENJOYABLE BUT NOT LIVING UP TO EXPECTATIONS to OMG SHOW YOU FUCKING ROCK. I have a feeling pretty soon it will be Show! My show! status.


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