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It's fairly apparent I love youtube...

Some of you may remember the Doug Anthony Allstars (1985 - 1994.) They did very well internationally. Made up of Paul McDermott (an angry, angry little man), Richard Fidler (the guitarist) and Tim Ferguson (later to be a super obnoxious gameshow host), they were a cheeky Australian musical comedy act that liked to push boundaries. The thing I love about them is that, like Tripod, they were actually super talented musically. The thing I don't love about them is that a lot of their humour is not my humour, because they ping my humiliation squick like crazy. Below the cut are some of my favourites of theirs, including three beautiful arrangements of pre-existing songs.

This is my very favourite of their 'original' songs. I'm not sure what it says about my sense of humour.

Not a song --- Moral Dilemmas (This includes a Rick Astley reference long, long, long before Rickrolling.) This veers into making me feel all flaily because of how confrontational they get with the audience.

Skinhead Sooty :(

A tongue so grand you'll call me more than friend! This song disturbs me so, so much.

When I Get Famous. Richard! ♥

Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (I freaking love this song, in its various incarnations. But this one is totally amazing.)

Throw Your Arms Around Me --- ♥ So great.

Heard It Through the Grapevine --- best ever version of this song, for serious.

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