Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

For once in my life...

First up --- how much better would this episode have been had it been McGee and DiNozzo stuck in that elevator? TENFOLD. (With bonus points for mussed up hair.)

The conceit of this episode is completely awesome. Naturally, it reminds me of Life on Mars and the Futurama episode "Obsoletely Fabulous".

Tony using the remote on Tim! *dies*

For NCIS agents? You guys are pretty, but D. U. M. (Although, who hasn't just commented on how it sucks that the power's out and then tried to use their microwave/electric kettle or something equally silly?)

Is this me showing how young and stupid I am? I had no idea there were machines for making copies before the photocopier. What is that thing?

No self-respecting Doctor Who fan would make the mistake of referring to the Doctor as 'Doctor Who'. So points for the attempt, but ultimate fail. (Nitpick is my middle name.)

Shouldn't Gibbs say something like, "For the purposes of the tape, [suspect] is being shown a passport bearing his picture and a false name." Otherwise, it kind of renders the recording void, no?

Tim and Tony just love pulling each other's pigtails. They are so adorable. Tim's grin. EEEE!


I am surprised by how happy I am Paxton wasn't the culprit. But, the Russians, really?

I wholeheartedly enjoyed this episode.

Tags: ncis

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