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And that's how Loz likes it...


Okay, so here's the thing, I love fourth wall breaking. I love meta-humour. I think they are both of the absolute awesome. But I also like consistency. And my major, major failing for Glee is not the occasionally disturbing stereotyping (because I always trust that it will be exploded later -- or that it's deliberate satire), but the complete inconsistency regarding the voice overs. God, it annoys me. Either stick to one perspective, use that technique a hell of a lot more whilst bouncing perspective, or don't use it at all.

The other thing I'd really like are more songs actually constructed or arranged for multiple voices --- songs that aren't just a lead or two and back-up. That would be AWESOME. Even more awesome? Less songs sung by Rachel and Finn (I would say Mercedes, but I kind of adore her passionately.) How's about a song by Puck? Or Kurt? Or Tina?

But apart from these qualms, Glee remains gleeful.


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