Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

Did you do a little seance?

If ever I feel like I'm being overly neurotic about something that I come to realise only I would ever care about, this is the song I hear in my mind. (And then sometimes sing.) Twenty points to the person who can tell me where that's from.

In other news, is anyone on my friendslist watching Eastwick for a reason other than Paul Gross? He is clearly having waaaay too much fun, and because of that, I find myself enjoying it, even though it's the cheesiest of the cheese. Sometimes, mostly because it is. He's just crazy over the top in that ham archvillain kind of way that I have a not-so-secret love for. I become reduced to giggles and snorts for pretty much every scene he's in. Also, he is still looking mighty fine. I continue to love actors who can do subtle and over the top, whatever the role calls for. And did I mention? Mighty fine!

I think this calls for Paul Gross Arms - \o/

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