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Merlin 2.04

N'aww, Arthur's pouty little face. Meanwhile, Arthur/Gwen is still cute, but is still bashing us like a two-by-four.

"What did you do? I said distract them, not knock them out!"

"There's just no pleasing you sometimes." A++++ for line delivery and pause on their staring.

You're tired because you don't eat enough, Merlin.

I think Gwen may just be the character who gets the most attention from everyone. Is there no-one who doesn't fall a little bit in love with her? Morgana, Merlin, Arthur, Lancelot.

Merlin's piecing it together.

Use a spell, Merlin. Surely you know a simple spell to mask scents by now? By all means let Arthur think his berry trick worked, but just to be doubly safe --- use some initiative.

Merlin's first kiss!

Arthur's grin, oh man. How can you resist that? And then he apologises, which is awesome.

Change a couple of names and this conversation could be all about Merlin/Arthur.


This music is crazy overwrought, but I like it.

Hengist is kind of brilliant. I love ridiculously over the top villains. His mimicry of Lancelot? Bwaaaaahahaha. Win. It's so third grade bully and yet it cracks me up.

... use a spell, Merlin. Something Arthur won't notice but will help you climb the wall.


Okay, so you totally want Arthur in a crisis. Quick thinking, strong, rather dashing in a stern kind of way.

A return to pouty-faced Arthur. And of course, he feels the need to be a dick. He's such a boy.

Everyone has feelings for Gwen. Including me! She's awesome.

Angel Coulby's a very good actress.

Morgana/Gwen wins the day again.

"You've still got me." = N'awwww!

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