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Psych - Let's Get Hairy!

Okay, I have to start with this; WHAT THE EVERLIVING FUCK?

At least they're acknowledging it as REALLY CREEPY. Oh, man.

OMG. BEST DESCRIPTION OF LASSITER EVER. Which brings me to this awesome Emerald Nuts advert starring Robert Goulet.

A++ use of 'thrice'.

Is this a Roday directed episode? It has all the hallmarks of one. (Attention to detail, pushing the envelope, horror.)

We're nine minutes in and this is DELIGHTFUL.

I wonder how many occult stores carry glass balls from IKEA.

And the answer on Roday direction is; no! But he did co-write. Props must therefore go to Andrew Bernstein for awesomeness.

HEY! IS THAT BIFF? Fun fact; the car salesman who sold me Sam reminded me of Biff lookswise (but thankfully not personality-wise.) I saw him the other day when I got my car serviced. He remembered me, which is always a sign of commendation in my book.

FOR THE LAST TIME, A KOALA IS NOT A BEAR. IT IS ALSO NOT BARE. SO THAT FOUNDATION? HAS A SUCKY, SUCKY NAME. (Plus, the only place you can legally cuddle a koala is Lone Pine Sanctuary near Brisbane.)

I am so in love with Myrtle, it's not funny.


This dude did it. And he's been hypnotising his patients.

This is a real dream, isn't it? Oh, Gus. You didn't realise Shawn was sharing that with you for private, sexy reasons?

"You're still a weird little dude and you'll probably be single for quite some time, but I think we can keep you out of jail." = Shawn's so very comforting when he wants to be.

It has to be said, Shawn's looking Very Fetching in this episode. He's hot, like chocolate, and I do believe in miracles.

"I was underestimating you, Shawn." --- well, at least he's honest. I like how he makes that sound like an insult, when actually it's kind of a compliment.

Touchy, feely Shawn is one of my favourite Shawns. Magic Head!

It's almost nice to think those ass-shots were there for a reason other than gratuitous use of the gaze is male. Almost.

I was half-right. This dude did it.

This music montage is GREAT.

"For what it's worth..."/"Oh! That's worth absolutely nothing." --- I think that's the first time I've ever consciously noticed anyone directly respond to 'for what it's worth', and it rocks so hard. Lassiter's disgust is wonderful.

Don't trust him, Henry. You know he's a big fat liar. I can't see his pants right now, but I bet they're on fire.

...Okay, so he wasn't lying. I'm glad, actually. Henry gets screwed over enough.

Singing psych-out! TIM O. I am dying here. (And once again, Roday has a totally brilliant voice.)


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