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Thunderbirds are GO(ing to be ruined)!

Okay, this is a rant. It's probably childish. Possibly unfounded. I haven't seen the film yet but I have seen the trailer and the cardboard cutouts and I have to say - GAH.

I am SO annoyed that they appear to have turned the Thunderbirds live action movie into a tweenies film synonymous with something like Agent Cody Banks or Spy Kids. It's taken ages to finally get a live action movie made, but when it is they completely ruin it. I know the original Thunderbird movies were fairly... yeah... but the show was excellent!

Alan was not a child. Yes, he was younger, but he went on plenty of missions, and took care of Thunderbird 5 a lot of the time. Mr. Tracy stayed at the base, he didn't go galavanting around on missions. Was that Brains in the trailer, that kid talking to Alan? No... Brains is being playing by adult Anthony Edwards. It was his son. HIS SON.

WHY did they have to trivialise it and make it something for juveniles? Thunderbirds was originally a prime time show - for adults and children alike. It was one of a long line of popular Supermarionation series. It was campy, but clever with it. What makes them think it couldn't work that way as a film too?

I wouldn't have minded if, in parody, the live action actors all walked around like they still had strings and wore makeup that made them look wooden/plastic, or if everything was so terribly dated, because that would at least be in keeping with the original. But they've turned it into a run-of-the-mill kid flick.

And it's directed by Jonathan Frakes.

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