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We interrupt your daily programming to bring you...

Psych 4.03...

"Just Cowboys. Playing Indians is offensive." Bwaahah. Like that's stopped you before, Shawn.

I have a feeling this episode will have a nice amount of Shawn/Lassiter/Gus!

Handsome, pasty devil. Hah!


God, they're clearly having way too much fun.

Long credits! I love the long credits.

They picked the best shots for both Tim and Maggie, omg, hotness.


And Shawn? Wants to help Lassiter so, so much. Not for money, or glory, or anything but to make Lassiter happy.

Beautiful time-lapse shot.

Yay, Kell Cahoon. His episodes are always great. (And by 'great', I mean full of man-on-man love, fun dialogue, and awesome Lassiter.)

Oh, man... Shawn's interest. His smile. Lassiter's father never being around. The music. Gus' disapproval. It's all gold, gold, gold. (I feel this is a reference to something, but I know not what.)

Lassiter and Shawn should totally get married in space.

Hank! :(

I love, love, love that Shawn is all on board thinking Hank is awesome and Gus is just being a pain. THIS is the Shawn I love. Yeah, he does annoying things like change Lassiter's bank account numbers, but he has a heart.

Hand on shoulder. Lassiter once again going to Shawn for help.

COWBOY SHAWN! (I think this would have been such an awesome shock had I not seen the thousand and one promos/pics/vids discussing this. This is why I hate spoilers.)

"How about you kiss my Blacksmith's ass?" = Yes, please.

"Got some serious flowers up in that attic." = Winning reference!

Boys, watch out! I think they should have got even closer than that, just to be safe.

So far, Abigail doesn't exist in this episode, at all. I am not sure how I feel about this.

Is that little kid in the photo Lassiter?

Oh em gee. The shot of disappointed Lassiter walking away? I may tear up.

Oh wow. Shawn wants to know what Henry thinks, and Henry's saying exactly what I was thinking. That Shawn cares for Lassiter so much that he's caring for Hank too.

"When I get home, you'll have to rub oil on my coccyx"... OBVIOUS AND YET STILL BRILLIANT JOKE. They could totally have had another repetition of coccyx within that minute.

My heart is clenching, ow, ow, ow.


TRAPPED TOGETHER! This is one of my favourite clichés ever. Ever, ever.

... hang on. There was a pickaxe buried with them and Gus was using a spoon?

Lassiter as a Sherrif, nnnnngggghhhh. I feel they missed a trick not having him in costume at some point during this ep. We've seen him as a Civil War guy, and we know he has a new moustache supply!


You know, if there's one thing Psych needs to stop doing, it's following up really gay statements with "oh, but wait, look, I'm straight. I'm so, so straight. See that woman? STRAIGHT!" And okay, so I totally thought of Lassiter and Hank as father and son as opposed to lovers, but, seriously. You just make those statements sound more gay, Psych writers!

Another singing Psych-out, yay!

I loooooooved this episode.
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