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Living Loz
There's a great life's work in front of me... 
10th-Aug-2009 06:20 pm
Loz Cola
For arathesane

Top Five Shawn and Lassie Scenes

1. The drunken Lassiter scene in "From the Earth to the Starbucks". You're surprised, aren't you? Tell me you're surprised.
2. "Former lovers, really?" in "Lassie Did a Bad, Bad Thing". That entire scene is brilliant.
3. The Lassiter demonstrating on Shawn scene from "Earth, Wind, and... Wait for it", so freaking hot. Kick to the back of the knees, Lassiter looming over Shawn, guh.
4. "I know you don't like my methods, I know you don't like me" from "Gus Walks Into a Bank".
5. That whole part in "Cloudy With a Chance of Murder" where Shawn's bike is mysteriously taken out of the auction ("handled internally") and then Lassiter walks through the door with this wide-eyed surprised 'hey, Shawn' look, and you know he's the one who arranged it as a thank you. Bonus points for Shawn's perplexed expression.

Top five best use of songs in either LoM or A2A

1. The small but brilliant section of White Room in 1.01 when Sam and Gene bring Kramer in. I often think about it with glee.
2. The whole of Live and Let Die in 1.02
3. Life on Mars in 1.08 --- also 1.01, but it's more poignant for me in 1.08.
4. Wild Horses and then I Can't Change It for the DVD release in 1.04 (I LOVE I Can't Change It so much. Frankie Miller is awesome.)
5. Sinnerman at the end of 1.07. Genius.

I totally need another hundred. The only time I've ever been "YES! YES!" for A2A is when they finished a couple episodes with two of my very favourite songs: "The Man Who Sold the World" and "Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometimes".

Top five non-romantic relationships from any of your fandoms

1. Totally cheating here because I also enjoy imagining them as romantic, but obviously; Sam and Gene from Life on Mars
2. Still cheating; Shawn and Gus from Psych
3. Shawn and Henry from Psych --- their father/son relationship pleases me greatly.
3. Chuck and Morgan from Chuck
4. Lily and Barney from How I Met Your Mother

Top five favorite British actors (This was both incredibly hard and incredibly easy. Can I have another 5 hundred, please? Also, I took this to mean male actors. I am happy to also do a list of actresses.)

1. John Simm
2. Phil Glenister
3. Hugh Bonneville
4. Simon Pegg
5. Marc Warren

For vovat (I wasn't aware I was fannish about this, but okay!)

Top five flavors of ice cream

1. Rum & Raisin
2. Boysenberry
3. Jaffa
4. Cookies and Cream
5. French Vanilla

For ausmac

Top 5 things that will stop you reading a story, even if it is a favorite pairing/genre.

1. Poor spelling and grammar. I absolutely cannot sit through them. I spend the entire time wanting to get my red pen and scrawl all over the story.
2. Actions that directly contradict how I believe a character would act (in non-crack-fiction.) There are some things that I just can't get on board without great coercion. I'll keep reading for a bit, to see if it's getting explained, or there's at least a lantern being hung on it, but if not? Backbutton, baby. (An example of this might be a story where Gene Hunt cries. I cannot see that happening all that readily. If it's built up convincingly? Okay. But if it's just kind of there? No. I need damn good reasons for Gene to cry.)
3. Any of my squicks; scat, watersports, the majority of non-con, incest (yes, I am being a bit of a hypocrite, I have tried my hand at writing the last two.)
4. Over-complicated purple prose. I prefer a minimalistic style, which I think is fairly obvious from my writing.
5. Getting distracted. I am awful, but many times I have been quite enjoying a fic, but then I've been pulled away from it and I completely forget to go back to it --- I am not so much a fic reader. I'm always more interested in writing fic than reading it.

For theficklepickle

Top Five guilty pleasures, in fandom terms - things you like that you think you shouldn't! (I'm not sure I have many of these. I am rarely guilty about the things I like.)

1. Sam/Mobile phone fic for Life on Mars. This isn't really a guilty pleasure at all.
2. Oh, this I am guilty about: MASH fic (not M*A*S*H fic.) Those who know know what I mean.
3. People reccing my stuff. I feel guilty that I get as gleeful as I do, or that I know how many fandoms I've been recced in on crack_van. I feel like I should be tastefully detached from even noticing, let alone mentally recording.
4. I actually really, really enjoyed High School Musical 2, to the point where I even read some fic.
5. AMNESIA. It's my favourite trope in anything.

For neuralclone

Top five Life on Mars moments (I suspect you already know my answers.)

1. The epilogue to 2.02. ("Do you want my appraisal of you?"/"No."/"It's your round then."/"Thank you.") *dies a thousand times over* Out of context, this means nothing, but in the show, in the show, this is everything I have ever loved about Sam and Gene.
2. The beginning scene to 1.02, from Real/Unreal to "Live and Let Die".
3. Sam and Gene on a date in 1.07.
4. "I think you've forgotten who you're talking to."/"An overweight, over the hill, nicotine-stained, borderline alcoholic homophobe with a superiority complex and an unhealthy obsession with male bonding./"You make that sound like a bad thing." This? Is great, great writing.
5. I feel like I should choose a scene that isn't OTP-related, so, the vol-au-vents conversation between Chris and Ray in 2.04. I also love Annie, but, you know, Sam and Gene.
6. I have to have this, sorry. "Because you trust me, like I trust you." Okay, I'm good.

(Deleted comment)
10th-Aug-2009 10:02 am (UTC)
I do love that episode!
10th-Aug-2009 05:43 pm (UTC)
I actually meant actors or actresses(as I employ actor for both) but I love your list!

Also, I adore all of your LoM answers.
10th-Aug-2009 10:40 pm (UTC)
Okay, well let me add Judi Dench and Rachel Stirling to my ever expanding list, then! :D

I'm still completely smitted with LoM after all these years. It's kinda sad :/
10th-Aug-2009 11:10 pm (UTC)
Great choices, you have excellent taste in actors!

I don't think that is a bad thing. It was a brilliant series. Of course, I could go on and on about my favorite series The Wire for hours, so I may not be the best person to talk to when it comes to these things. Still, with LoM there is just so much depth to it. It's easily to understand why you are so in love with it.
23rd-Sep-2009 05:33 pm (UTC)
Who isn't still completely smitten with LoM? It's a very rewatchable show!
10th-Aug-2009 07:01 pm (UTC)
What is purple prose?
10th-Aug-2009 10:36 pm (UTC)
Description that is so extravagant and ornate that it takes a few minutes just for it all to sink in. It's when people go overboard with metaphor and simile and try to be ultra-poetic --- but it doesn't always work.
10th-Aug-2009 10:45 pm (UTC)
Sorry, I must not have caught the "fannish" part of the description. Oh, well. What's Jaffa, anyway?
11th-Aug-2009 07:31 am (UTC)
Jaffa is basically orange. It's so, so good.
11th-Aug-2009 07:27 am (UTC)
I'm surprised you could restrict yourself to only six favourite moments from Life on Mars. Your 2. and 3. would definitely be on my own list.
11th-Aug-2009 07:30 am (UTC)
I continued the list in my head. Still, most of them were S&G moments.
12th-Aug-2009 12:47 am (UTC)
What a great list. Do you eat Jaffacakes as well? I've never had them, and I only know of them through Spaced.
I'd be hard pressed to pick just 5 of my favorite moments from Life on Mars. There are just too many good scenes to pick from. I love your choices. I need to plan a rewatch in the near future.
14th-Aug-2009 02:46 pm (UTC)
I love Jaffacakes. They're so, so good. And you can actually get them over in Australia now, which you couldn't for a long time before.

I actually have about 500 favourite LoM moments. I love that show so damn much.
2nd-Feb-2010 05:35 am (UTC)
ooh! Amnesia fics! There's just not enough of them. ^-^
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