Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

Change of question;

On second thought, of the silly questions, this one might be easier to answer in 2000 words.

"All history is contemporary history. The past that we 'know' is always contingent upon our views, our own 'present'. Just as we are ourselves products of the past so the known past (history) is an artefact of ours. Nobody, however immersed in the past, can divest himself/herself of his/her own knowledge and assumptions." Consider the extent to which three of our texts are obviously written from a contemporary perspective. (same texts)

The reason I didn't choose is it that it was frightfully similar to the first paper I did for this class, but as long as I don't copy and paste paragraphs from the previous, it shouldn't matter.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I'm unplugging the modem and switch tomorrow, it's only technically 4 hours away...

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