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Living Loz
Your worst inhibitions... 
8th-Aug-2009 06:37 pm
Psych (Prince Pun!)
OMG. NEW PSYCH. 4.01, baby.

Holy shit, continuity. LOVE IT. I really do like that they're beginning to feel Psych can be a show that actually has continuity and growth.

"Please, I haven't snuck into your apartment for weeks. Which reminds me, we're out of peanut butter." *DIES*

EEE. CREDITS. SHOW. They used the sexy Lassiter shot from "Lassie Did a Bad, Bad Thing". Oh yes. The final shot? With Steve's name? Loltastic and yet worrying. Why is Gus dragging Shawn like that? Is this part of an episode we've seen I don't remember, or is it like cowboy!Shawn? a freaky glimpse into the future.

Yay \o/ Canada being Canada for once.

Another Mentalist reference! IN YOUR FACE. (Oh man, this show brings out my inner 12 year old boy.) They're not bitter at all, oh no. It's nothing like the Scrubs writers mocking House. Nuh uh.

Steve and Andy wrote this episode? Brilliant! I hope Steve wielded the red pen of valour before they filmed the extra 26 minutes.

HEEE. HEEEEEE. Shawn getting Lassiter all worked up, and then Lassiter saying he's about to fly to Canada, and then the pull-out when we realise he's not alone, and it's all gold.

Um. This is so bad, but I had hoped it would just be Lassiter. This is my shameface. (It was Shawn/Lassiter/Gus taking over my 'I love Jules' side.)

Cary Elwes is Englishing up his accent again. I honestly don't know what his real voice sounds like. I mean, he is English. But he's worked in America for so long. And I've lost a lot of my accent living and working here in Australia. Mmm. (This is how sad I am. I looked up interviews on youtube to find out what he sounds like. Turns out, I am right that he Englishes up his accent, but he still sounds relatively English, just like I do.)


Well, almost on a date. Close enough!

I am going to be very disappointed if Shawn doesn't recognise this Maitre D' as the Concierge from "Psy vs Psy". Well, he didn't, so colour me beige with a streak of black.

Shawn's awkwardness with Jules is SO SWEET. I want to pinch his cheeks.

"He's definitely packing heat."

"Well, that makes one of you."

"Shut up, Guster!"


THE RESTAURANT. THE PETALS. THE CARRIAGE RIDE. My prediction: Shawn did actually invite Abigail, but she rejected him, so he asked Gus along instead.

I was right! But, yeah, I'm a little bit sad about this. Because it was so hilarious as it being something Shawn was going along with, just because. Poor Gus. Hang on --- does this mean they're sharing a room?!

And now Gus has chucked him out of the carriage because he is heartbroken at being the afterthought.

Nice Shawnvision.

... Gus and Shawn are sharing a room. *dies again*

I'm a little bit in love with Despereaux.


Spread your cheeks if you have to? Really? Really?

STANLEY PARK REPRESENT! The number of Psych episode ideas that have started in that park. Oh, yes.

"And Gus refused to come on account he's a man. And, I'm a man. Or some nonsense like that." :D Thank you, Steve and Andy, for giving us this during the obligatory Shawn/Juliet scene.

Shawn's idea of romantic is so over the top and yet still oddly sincere.


8th-Aug-2009 09:21 am (UTC)


Luckily, it's USA who's responsible for the show, and they like to re-air any new thing they get (especially if it's an original series of theirs) all weekend long. So I can probably find a showing of it later today, even.

BUT STILL. HOW LAME AM I? D: I even set a reminder for myself on Facebook and everything!

And I forgot to buy my pineapple and dress it up for the photo contest argh argh argh
8th-Aug-2009 09:25 am (UTC)

They also put the episode on the website!
8th-Aug-2009 11:02 pm (UTC)
Been busy and had bad storms that knocked out satellite signal, is how. D:

Looks like the satellite dish is still having trouble, so it's good they've got it on the website!
9th-Aug-2009 11:42 am (UTC)
Well, that sucks. Good luck catching the episode. If you're a fan of delicious flavour and/or Cary Elwes, and/or Shawn/Gus, it's awesome.
8th-Aug-2009 10:08 am (UTC)
I'm a little bit in love with Despereaux.

Gah! I've been in love with the idea of him for something like 2 months now (apparently my spoilerfree rules don't count for Psych and I will read leaked bits of script...) I'm so happy he's everything I hoped he would be. And I died that things happened in the ep that actually fit into my RP him! (um.. yes, I am so addicted to RP that I'll play with a character that hasn't even been on the show yet...)

The Gus dragging Shawn scene is from last season, I forget which ep, but it's when Gus is trying to get Shawn to leave his workplace by force and Shawn goes "boneless".... OMG! I can't wait for the cowboy ep though! I know you hate spoilers, so I'll say no more, but, !!!!.

Heh. Even I English up my accent sometimes, and I'm still in England XD

8th-Aug-2009 10:15 am (UTC)
Thank you! I am comforted that this is all that shot is, because I know slightly more about this series than I want to, and, well, I was worrying a bit. Shawn! (That ep, I am imagining, would be 'Ghosts', where Shawn was a total dick. Heh. Like there are episodes where he isn't.)

Even I English up my accent sometimes, and I'm still in England XD

Bwahaha. Yes. I sometimes Australianise my accent a little bit (usually to mock.) I know for a fact I sound more English when I'm angry and/or scared. But I'd have to move over there for a few months to fully reclaim my accent, and it was mixed anyway because I was born in London, but spent my early youth in Yorkshire. And hey, this is apparently Loz's life story hour.

Despereaux was so, so great. All smooth and charming and not wanting to murder because it's messy. And loving the challenge. And everything about him was wonderful, down to him being played by Cary looks-great-in-tights Elwes. Loved it.
8th-Aug-2009 06:00 pm (UTC)
Yep, that was from Ghosts. Right after Gus reveals that he claims Shawn on his taxes.
9th-Aug-2009 11:40 am (UTC)
That was such a winner of a line.
23rd-Sep-2009 05:55 pm (UTC)
haha I English up my accent when I'm in Australia. It annoys my Australian relatives...
Which probably makes me a bad person?
(Deleted comment)
9th-Aug-2009 11:39 am (UTC)
Do you need help to do this?
(Deleted comment)
9th-Aug-2009 11:56 am (UTC)
Good! I enjoyed it probably more than anyone has a right to.
11th-Aug-2009 01:20 pm (UTC)
It was VERY awesome wasn't it!!!!! I loved the way that Henry came to bail Shaun out and didn't think to bail out Gus...

*bounces around and waits for next episode*
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