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My Psych S3 DVDs came yesterday and I am making my way through the special features.

a) I can't believe they filmed 26 extra minutes for "Murder? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?" I could believe Andy wrote them, but not that they filmed them. Well, to be fair, it was probably more like 18 minutes of original content, because some of the material was interspersed with scenes in the episode. I am, however, glad a lot of those lines got cut, because things like Madeline being a hell of a lot more bitchy to Henry and Rachel Leigh Cook not really pulling off Abigail's dry humour (and mumbling too much) would have detracted from the episode. I did find Madeline's characterisation really interesting. I could see more easily how Shawn was a combination of both his parents. It made more sense as to why they decided to bring Madeline back at all. I'm sad about the Electric Slide being cut, though, that was comedy gold.

b) The gag reel was so cute. And it didn't have any more brain-breaking Roday/Bernsen kisses, so I'm good. Oh how I long for a brain-breaking Roday/Hill or Roday/Omundson kiss. Or, hell, a Hill/Omundson kiss. That'd be good.

c) Fake!Shawn and Fake!Gus were amusing. I love Andy Berman. (I don't know who the other guy was, but he had Gus' indignance down.)

d) The extended car chase from "Disco Didn't Die. It Was Murdered" was so hilarious in its original form. I wish they could have kept it all in the episode. The hubcaps flying off. The little old lady. The speedbumps. The tumbleweed! Oh, man.

e) I feel like the scene with Gus coming onto the bank teller from "Gus Walks Into a Bank" would have been there purely to balance out his long, long, long hug with Shawn. But since it didn't make it into the final cut --- \o/!

f) More Sage Brocklebank, please. His mini-scene with Gary Cole was GREAT. It also highlighted even more how much of a dick Cole's character was. (I still don't know how to spell that character's name.)

g) The failed Shawn/Joy relationship scene so needed to be in "Christmas Joy", oh my gosh. It's the perfect representation of why they didn't work, and leant credence to the theory that Shawn was really looking for a female Gus.

h) "Dad, you want me to lie to you?"/"No. I want you to make it more of a challenge for me to catch you. Because I always will." I am pretty sure these lines are actually in "Six Feet Under the Sea", but it has to be said: Henry is SO DISTURBING. Who says that to their 11 year old?

i) Maggie Lawson is so gorgeous. I LOVE scenes between Juliet and the Chief.

j) I am gutted they never filmed Steve's line for Shawn about Lassie coming onto him in "Lassie Did a Bad, Bad Thing".

k) The deleted scene between mini-Shawn and Henry in "Earth, Wind and... Wait For It" is another good example of how utterly disturbing Henry is, holy fuck.

l) My Shawn/Lassiter/Gus proclivities just got a boost with the deleted scene to "Any Given Friday Night..."

m) 7.45 minutes cut from "An Evening with Mr. Yang". Am I surprised? Hell no, it was a Berman co-written episode.

n) I'm really sad that I can't finish the alphabet, but so far I have run out of things to say.

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