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I feel like my journal is its own countdown calendar...

This is the weirdest exchange between Shawn and Henry to date (from "Poker? I Barely Know Her"):

"Ooh, time out, flag on the play. Did you vouch for me?"
"No I wouldn't say I exactly vouched for you."
"Gus, Henry vouched for me."
"I did not vouch for you."
"You were bragging on me. You have a dad-crush on me."
"Shawn, I was not bragging on you, I merely restated stats about your track record that are in the newspaper."
"Let's hug it out."
"Put your arms down."
"Gimme a hug."

(Also, James Roday is Very Fetching in this episode. In the first twenty minutes he has a nice shirt, great hair, and the smallest amount of stubble. He's hot.)

(Also, also, I have apparently not watched the Series 1 blooper reel before, and, oh my God, it's even gayer than the show. Which is saying a lot. ETA: OH MY GOD. I HATE YOU, RODAY. NO. NO. Now I'm going to conflate that blooper with these earlier lines, and, Daddy issues I can handle, but Freudian Daddy issues? A WORLD OF NO. I ignore them as much as possible in LoM, for christ's sakes.)

(Also, also, also, I should be asleep. Now.)
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