Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

Friends do things together, la la la la...

I was going to go into work today, but it's ten to five and so far I have:

1. Not been able to get to sleep. I got close at one point, where reality and fantasy began to mix and I genuinely thought I'd got an LJ comment from John Simm (I hadn't.) Then I sneezed and the fantasy disappeared. (This is when I checked.)

2. Had about seventy billion coughing fits.

3. Stared at the ceiling a lot.

4. Started to think about Peter and Lyle in Kingdom - and then started to think about Peter/Lyle, and then sat up straight in bed in absolute horror, wondering why my mind was so cruel. Of all the relationships I most definitely don't want to slash, that one is high on the list. Unless you're talking to my flu-riddled brain.

5. Wondered if I should read, watch episode 1.06 of Mad Men, or call the Principal to tell him I'm not coming in today. Then remembered it's been anywhere from three to ten to five in the morning.

6. Felt miserable.

7. Posted to LJ and DW.

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