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In her dreams the smile is gone...

Another day when writing that essay escapes me. It's a silly question - but the others are silly too. They're difficult. Why can't I write about the use of language within the Historical Novels, eh? I could do that!

"Why do some periods (or even decades) seem more interesting to writers than others (for example, the Middle Ages, the Napoleonic Wars, the Victorian period, the American Civil War)? Choose one text from the three pairs we have read this semester, and account for the popularity of the period or subject that each represents." The novels I choose are Geraldine Brooks' "Year of Wonders", Patrick O' Brian's "Far Side of the World" and Charles Frazier's "Cold Mountain".

The worst part is that it's blocked all of my other writing too... I have the dim notion of ideas for my hh100 drabble, or Swapping with Snape or even a new song-fic. But I can't write them. My fingers hover over the keys like I hover waiting for classes to start. My mind doesn't work like normal.

In better news, my Only Fools and Horses DVD came today. And I've made a resolution to go search out Sharpe. Heh. Several are available on video at the ABC shop... but not Sharpe's Justice more's the pity. Anyway, this makes me hope for DVDs coming soon. And - I'll probably start on Cornwall's novels next year - along with Forester's HH. I should really thank the darling sansenmage for this new interest :D.

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