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Living Loz
Gleemonex has never looked so good... 
21st-May-2009 07:50 am
Loz Colourful
I am normally very responsible with money. I think of something that I want and I save money towards my goal. Last year, it was a round Australia trip. The first part of this year, it was a car.

But to combat my emotional fuckwittery lately, I've been doing a lot of impulse buying. Here is a list of things I have been buying to supplement my life with glee.

1. Beading supplies and knitting supplies, in a bid to become a better rounded person. I had about two weeks of beading and knitting fun, went to Adelaide on holiday, haven't touched them in the month I've been back.

2. A package of my favourite British junk food that I haven't eaten in 16 years. Penguins. Monster munch. Quavers. It's obscene how much money I spent on both the package and the shipping cost. Seriously. Especially since you can't go home again (namely: wow, none of this is as cool as my mind likes to remember.)

3. 12 new T-shirts from Typetees, because, dammit, I'm finally going to have a wardrobe full of witty slogans. I'm actually quite pleased by this purchase, but it set me back almost 2 days pay.

4. Merlin DVDs from amazon.co.uk. Merlin DVDs, you guys.

So. I have the money, admittedly. I'm paying all my bills. This isn't an issue of me getting myself into debt. I am helping the global economy in these troubling times. But I really need to stop my frivolous shopping. I don't like feeling like I am wasting the cash I work so hard to make, even though I've never been someone to be so tight that I won't indulge a little in what I truly want. I think the issue is that I want all of these things in the moment, but most of them are things I can live without.

I tried hiding my credit card, but it turns out my brain predicted this risky manoeuvre and I miraculously know all of the information off by heart.
20th-May-2009 10:45 pm (UTC)
We've got an English grocer in town where I get my husband his fixes, but by the time they get it over here not all of it is the freshest anymore. (I'm thinking specifically of some of the chocolates and etc.) But they make their own wonderful chipolatas and sausage rolls, which keep his worst cravings at bay! So maybe they are just as awesome, but a little too well-travelled?

Or maybe you've grown up into a health, nutritious type of person. I wish that would happen to me.

I can't tell you how impressed I am that you've memorized your credit card #. It took me four months to memorize my own cell phone #.
21st-May-2009 06:00 am (UTC)
My dad now makes scotch eggs when I am in Adelaide and they are delicious.

Yeah, part of it might be that they're well-travelled, but also I think it's because I was still thinking of it with a child's mentality. These were special treats when I was a kid, so they had to be more than awesome, right? Wrong.

I am pretty good at memorising numbers. I still remember my High School ID and that was 9 years ago now.
21st-May-2009 12:20 am (UTC)
I had my credit card number memorized after excessive online shopping. But that online shopping led to a security glitch on my card, so it got cancelled last month. So far I haven't memorized the new one.

Threadless.com used to get a lot of my spare cash. Even when I didn't want any more witty t-shirts, I couldn't help buying them for other people.

Get out your knitting needles next time you feel the urge to spend!
21st-May-2009 06:02 am (UTC)
Oh no! God, that sucks. I don't know whether to wish you luck in memorising or not.

And yes about threadless. I bought my brother Nick three shirts at the same time.

Thanks for the suggestion, for verily it is good.
21st-May-2009 12:39 am (UTC)
I go through phases of impulse shopping/just plain shopping. Usually I'm able to handle it pretty well, knowing that if I let myself do the splurge now and again I won't have a MASSIVE SHOPPING ATTACK, like I do when I deny myself any kind of non-essential shopping at all for months at a time.

What helps is when it becomes an effort. Even online shopping--if you can figure out a way (like...forgetting your credit card number) to make it so that you have to stop and think about the purchase? That always makes me second-guess myself, do the "Do I *really* need this? Can I live without it?" questions, and then I'm usually good.
21st-May-2009 06:04 am (UTC)
Yes! When I had to get up and find my wallet to buy stuff, I noticed I didn't spend as much. Hahahaha, oh man.
21st-May-2009 05:43 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I'm like that too. :) To aid yourself in this endeavour, maybe cut up your current credit card, phone your bank and tell them you lost it and need a new one. Then DON'T look at it too closely when it gets to you, just activate and place in your wallet. Above all, DON'T look at the numbers so you can't possibly memorise them! :)

A thing my adopted mom like to do works too, but not if you've already memorised the number. She used to take her credit card and freeze it in a block of ice in her freezer. That way, she knew she had it for emergencies...but otherwise, it would take a lot of effort to access. :)
22nd-May-2009 11:50 am (UTC)
They all sound well extreme! Maybe for when I am actually in debt.
21st-May-2009 09:36 pm (UTC)
I completely understand the Merlin impulse. I'm just now watching the series, 4 episodes to go, but damn, it's quality television.
22nd-May-2009 11:50 am (UTC)
Well, I wouldn't call it quality, but it is refreshingly charming and funny.
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