Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

Yes, I knew it would be...

I have serious love for Jackie Queen. Serious, intense love. Female characters; you're doing them right.

FINALLY, WE HAVE SAM MENTIONED BY NAME. Chris still thinks he's the best. ♥ Also, Chris actually showing his surveillance skills, like we were promised before A2A S1.

"Quick word about police brutality. Lots of it." HEE. HEEEEE!

Chris' excitement at the concept of a double wedding is of the absolute WIN.

I shall admit, I am TOTALLY OVERJOYED that Jackie was teasing Gene. I thought she was, but, you know, rug pulling. (One of these days that rug will be pulled and I shall break my neck and die.)

Oh. Oh. Sam. I am impressed by how Ash managed to reduce me to tears in the space of two seconds flat. Shit, Ashley. Why? WHY? Because 'ner ner ner ner ner ner', that's why. I sort of thought I'd got over my insanity, but I am sobbing here. Er. I knew this was a sickness.

Now I am thinking about how heartbroken Annie must be and I just --- oh.

I'm going to tell myself the pretty little fiction right here that this doesn't disprove my 'Sam is not dead, but in fact under witness protection and Gene DAMN WELL KNOWS' theory. Because it doesn't! And I amend my previous proclamation, written when we first heard about it; Annie is totally with him.

And Gene was best man. And sometimes looks at the picture of Sam and Annie's wedding day, and regrets that he can't just talk to Sam, because he misses him, a lot.

Another great line: "I'd hold his hand. In a manly way."

How come we didn't get a shot of Gene going over the wall? A thousand fangirls would have given you their hearts.

Gene shooting a dog? SO NOT COOL. I am glad it is acknowledged as not cool.

The Mac thing is so similar to the Harry thing, and yet, it works so sublimely that I shall not complain.


Music guys? You TOTALLY made up for crow-barred Phil Collins in 2.02. YES.

This episode was awesomesauce pudding with extra awesome on top.

I love you, Ashley. You're such an utter bastard and I think you're glorious. In an utter bastardy kind of way.
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